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crunchy food box

crunchy food box

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[About crunchy food box]
["MOFUCAT - Crunchy Food Box" that fits into the interior of your room]
"MOFUCAT - Crunchy Food Box" with a stylish design that blends in with stylish interiors. When you come home from work or going out, you don't have to worry about the cat tearing the food bag. It is an item that is full of good things, such as easy to use and moisture resistant.

[Smooth opening and closing with one touch]
The lid can be opened and closed with one touch. Since the opening is wide, it is also a point that it is easy to scoop with a cup. The lid can be removed, making it easy to replenish and clean the rice.

[Tightly sealed and resistant to moisture]
The top cover and the lid each have a rubber packing that seals tightly and prevents moisture. You can store crunchy food more hygienically than in the bag you bought. It is also attractive that the smell does not leak easily.

[stylish design]
Finished with a simple design without waste, it looks stylish even if you put it as it is. You can choose from 3 trendy nuance colors that will boost your fashionable impression.
It can store about 7 kg of crunchy, and there is also a desiccant storage space.
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