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About mofucat

A comfortable space for both cats and people.

I think that the time spent at home has increased due to the corona sickness, and the time spent interacting with cats has increased. MOFUCAT was born from the desire to realize an environment where not only humans but also cats can live safely and comfortably.

A home is a very comfortable and calming space for humans, but have you ever wondered what kind of space it is for a cat?

Cats instinctively like high places and narrow places.

The advantage of high places is that they have a good view and are difficult for predators to find, making it easier to find prey. For cats with a good sense of balance, high ground is a safe place where the benefits outweigh the risks.

Also, narrow spaces are considered safe spaces to prevent prey from being stolen. Lie down in a small space, turn your face out through the hole, and keep an eye out for any enemies while preparing to escape at any time. The natural world is a world of law of the fittest. It is said that such considerations were necessary for cats to survive.

Cats are originally solitary predators that ambush and hunt prey, but they are also prey animals that are targeted by carnivores. Therefore, it means that you must also act to protect yourself while taking prey. Hiding behind objects and entering narrow spaces may be a remnant of this habit, but indoor cats are satisfied with being completely settled in such a situation, and sometimes they sleep peacefully.

We believe that creating comfortable spaces (cat houses, cat walks, cat towers) that cats instinctively like and feel secure in will bring happiness to both cats and their owners.

Our greatest happiness is to deepen the bond between owners and pets through MOFUCAT.