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猫に留守番をさせても大丈夫?何日くらいまでOK?猫の留守番は危険?注意すべきポイントと対策法 - MOFUCAT

Is it okay to let my cat stay home? How many days is OK? Is a cat's answering machine dangerous? Points to note and countermeasures

I think there are many opportunities to have a cat take care of you when you are at work or on a trip. Cats are good at answering machines! There may be an image that it is fine, but how many days will it be okay? In this article, we will talk about the answering machine for cats.
  • How many days can I stay at home?
  • Points to note
  • Measures to get a good answering machine

And so on. If you are an owner who has a lot of opportunities to ask your cat to stay home, please read it.

How many days can a cat stay home?

Cats are animals that are relatively good at house sitting compared to dogs. This is because cats are solitary animals and can live without depending on their owners. In addition, since they are animals that spend most of their day sleeping, many of them are resting quietly while they are away. Therefore, it seems that it is not a problem if it is an answering machine for about half a day to a day. In winter and other relatively pleasant seasons, two days is often enough. In that case, it would be a good idea to go out based on the points to note below. However, we recommend that you use a pet hotel or pet sitter during hot seasons such as the summer, or if you plan to stay for more than two days. You may ask your family or friends to come and see you. Also, in the case of kittens or children who are undergoing treatment for some kind of illness, it is better not to leave them alone for too long.

Precautions when asking a cat to stay at home

When you ask your cat to stay at home, pay attention to the following points when you go out.

Proper air conditioning control

Air conditioning management is very important when you have an answering machine. Especially in the summer, depending on the environment and region, it is easy to get heat stroke. for that reason,
  • leave the air conditioner on
  • prepare plenty of water
  • Open cool places such as bathrooms and entrances
Let's go out by doing something like this. Some owners say, "I don't like air conditioning, so I only use a fan," but it doesn't make sense on a hot day. This is because humans perspire because they perspire. It feels cool due to the heat of vaporization, but it doesn't make sense for cats who can't sweat. Therefore, be sure to use the air conditioner as a countermeasure against the heat. As for the cold season, it is relatively good, but it would be nice to prepare an enclosed space such as a blanket or cardboard.

water and food management

It is also important to prepare plenty of water when you are away. This is because water evaporates quickly, especially in hot weather, and you may spill it. Not being able to drink water in the summer can lead to heatstroke, dehydration, and other health problems that can be life-threatening. Prepare plenty of water and arrange them in various places. Also, diet management is important. Leaving wet food out will lead to deterioration, so try to deal with crispy food while you are away. You might want to use an automatic feeder so that they are served at a set time.

Have multiple toilets

Since the toilet cannot be cleaned during the answering machine, the toilet will remain dirty. Some children hesitate to go to the toilet when the toilet is dirty. This often leads to cystitis and constipation, which often require treatment. Especially if you have multiple dogs, be sure to prepare at least one more than the number of dogs. Recently, there are also toilets that automatically clean up, so it might be a good idea to use them together.

Do not put anything that is likely to be eaten by mistake or is dangerous

When I'm away, I sometimes do things I don't usually do because I'm bored or worried. Therefore, be sure to put away anything that may be eaten by mistake (toys, rubber, strings, etc.) before leaving. Also, it can happen that you can't get out of the closet or get caught in the curtain. Be sure to check your cat's condition on a daily basis and remove anything that may be dangerous.

Measures to get your cat to be good at answering

Some dogs often become emotionally unstable when they are separated from their owners, which is called "separation anxiety." As a result, they may show rudeness, mischief, and destructive behavior. Separation anxiety is rare in cats, but it is occasionally seen. Separation anxiety is dealt with by creating "time independent of each other". In the case that the toilet and bath will also stick to you... if you can't see it, you'll meow... Let's try to keep a little distance. In addition, by introducing a pet camera and pet monitor, you can see your cat relaxing and eating through the camera. Being able to see your cat's usual behavior from outside gives owners peace of mind. If you have to stay home for a long time, using a pet hotel or pet sitter is one way to do it. Pet hotels such as animal hospitals and pet salons have the advantage that someone is always watching. Also, if you spend time at a veterinary hospital, there is a veterinarian, so even if your pet feels unwell, you can get help immediately. However, I often feel anxiety and stress in an unfamiliar environment. Cats are animals that feel uneasy about changes in their environment, so if you use a cat sitter who can spend time at home, you can spend time together with peace of mind.

[Summary] Cat's answering machine-How many days is it okay? Tell us about the precautions and countermeasures!

When you let your cat stay home, make sure to manage air conditioning, water, food, etc. Depending on the season and region, it may be possible to leave the child alone for a day or two, but some children may become ill. Keep an eye on your cat and try to keep your time away as short as possible!
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