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「ふみふみ」から猫の感情が読み取れる! - MOFUCAT

You can read the emotions of cats from "Fumi Fumi"!

What is "fumifumi"

A cat's behavior of "fumi-fumi" is generally considered to represent the cat's stress and anxious mood. Cats that behave this way are usually thought to have a desire to smell themselves. Also, by doing "fumi fumi", cats can appeal their own existence to the surrounding environment.

The reason why you can read a cat's emotions from "fumi fumi"

The reason why you can read the cat's emotions and moods by doing "fumi fumi" is that the "fumi fumi" behavior strongly expresses the cat's emotions. For example, if a cat is feeling stressed or anxious, it may pat more often. On the other hand, if the cat feels at ease, the frequency of fumi fumi may decrease. In this way, you can read the cat's emotions from "Fumi Fumi".

When a cat "fumifumi", it may express the cat's attachment and sense of security. Preparing the environment for "fumi-fumi" will lead to creating a comfortable environment for cats.

How to choose a place to “fumi fumi”

It is important that the place where the cat "fumifumi" is a safe place for the cat. If it is indoors, it is suitable for sleeping such as a bed or sofa, or a place where you can see the scenery from the window. Cat towers and cat houses where cats can have their own space are also suitable for "fumifumi".

How to choose materials to "fumifumi"

The material that "fumifumi" is also important. Materials that cats enjoy touching, such as soft fabrics and wool, are suitable. Also, choose one that your cat can smell.

How to choose according to the purpose when "fumi fumi"

The purpose of “fumi fumi” is also important. For example, if your cat wants to relieve stress, you should choose something that smells and feels good on the skin, and if your cat wants to sleep peacefully, you should choose soft fabrics. It is important to choose a suitable one according to the purpose of "fumi fumi".

Benefits obtained by “fumi fumi”

A cat's "fumi fumi" can help relieve cat emotions and stress. By "fumi fumi", the cat can feel physical relaxation and refresh both physically and mentally. Also, by fumbling, cats can show other cats and humans that they are protecting their space. In this way, "fumi fumi" can provide physical and mental benefits to cats.

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