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How to choose a cat carrier bag that doesn't fail! Introduce four points

A carrier bag is one of the essential items for keeping a cat.

In fact, how to choose the best carrier bag depends on the size of the cat and how it will be used.

This time, we will introduce how to choose a carry-on bag that will not fail, and the points to note!

If you are thinking of getting a cat in the future, or if you are considering buying a new carrier bag, please use this as a reference.


4 points to note when choosing a cat carrier bag

When choosing a cat carrier bag, pay attention to the material and usage.

There are four points.


①Choose by bag material

The material of the carry bag is roughly divided into two types: plastic and cloth.


Safe and secure plastic

The standard is a sturdy plastic carry bag, also known as a carry case.

The plastic carry case is well made and sturdy, perfect for strong or heavy cats.

The door is also firmly attached, so there is little worry of escape.


Lightweight and easy to carry fabric

Cloth carry bags are lighter and easier to carry than plastic ones, so they are convenient to move.

However, you may be more concerned about safety than the plastic ones, as the opening and closing part is a zipper and has a knitted part.

Of course, you don't have to worry about it escaping when you use it normally, but be careful if the zipper part is even slightly broken!

There is a risk that the cat will come out from the part that is about to break, so be sure to replace it with a new one as soon as possible.


② Select by means of transportation

Depending on the means of transportation, the optimum carrier bag will differ.


On foot: light shawl or rucksack type

When carrying a carry bag on foot, it is necessary to choose a carry bag that is as light as possible and easy to carry.

Considering the weight of the cat itself and the weight of the carrier bag, the effort of moving on foot is considerable.

If you're walking, it's best to choose a cloth bag with a shoulder strap.


Bicycle: backpack type

If you plan to travel by bicycle, we recommend a backpack-type carry bag.

With a rucksack type, both hands are completely open, so you can safely ride a bicycle.

However, if you carry a backpack on your back, the cat will be out of sight, so it is important to choose a sturdy one.

There are cloth and plastic ones, and the reason for its popularity is that there are many choices in terms of design.


Car: plastic carrying case

If traveling by car, a stable plastic carrying case is a good choice.

If you choose a carry case that can be fixed with a seat belt, the carry case will not move even during sudden braking.

For long car trips, the plastic carrying case is no problem.


When using trains and buses, it is necessary to carefully check the regulations regarding the size of the carry case and the fare.

Let's use it considering not only the mental and health aspects of the cat itself, but also the inconvenience to the surroundings.


③ Choose according to usage

You can also choose a carry bag from the aspect of when to use the carry bag.


When going to the hospital: Easy to put in and take out with a top opening type carry bag

Isn't the No. 1 scene where carry bags are active is when you go to the hospital?

When taking a cat to the hospital, it is necessary to be able to smoothly exchange the cat, such as putting it in the carrier bag at home, taking the cat out on the examination table, and returning the cat to the carrier bag after the examination.

A carry bag that opens wide at the top is relatively easy to put in and take out, even for a panicked cat.

This is a recommended choice if you have a strong cat, a cat that moves a lot, or a cat that tends to panic.


When returning home or in the event of a disaster: House-type/expansion-type comfort

It is also recommended to choose a cat that can be used as a house when the owner returns home or travels.

By securing a place to stay at the destination, you can have your cat feel at ease.

Also, in recent years, there has been an increase in large-scale disasters, so it is necessary to prepare for situations in which people evacuate with their cats.

Having one expandable carrier bag will keep your cat safe and protected in an evacuation area.


When moving: use a familiar carry bag

When moving, try to use a carrier bag that you are familiar with as much as possible.

It is said that "cats stay at home", and cats are creatures that are vulnerable to changes in the surrounding environment.

At least using the same carry bag as before will give you a little peace of mind.


④ Choose by size and number of cats

Each carrier bag has a load capacity of “up to 〇 kg cat”.

For cats that grow especially large, make sure to check this load capacity to prevent accidents and breakdowns.

Also, if you have multiple cats, it is ideal to have a carrier bag that matches the number of cats.

There are cases where multiple cats can be put in at the same time, but it is not easy to use.

For the peace of mind of the cats, I would like to prepare a carrier bag to put them one by one.


[Summary] How to choose a cat carrier bag that will not fail! Introduce four points

Carry bag necessary for moving the cat.

You can choose the most suitable one from the viewpoint of transportation method, purpose, and material.

I would like to prepare a perfect carrier bag and try to move comfortably for the cat.

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