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Why do humans think cats are cute? 3 reasons why cats are cute

Cats come up to you with a pampered face, or rub their bodies and tails against your feet... Cats have many cute moments. But why do people think cats are cute? In this article, we will tell you why cats are cute and why they are so attractive. Why is the "cute moment" of a love cat so cute? I got close to the secret!

3 reasons why cats are cute

Each cat has different points of cuteness, but the most common is “cute! The reason why I think is as follows.

Cute look and facial expressions!

First of all, it looks very cute and cute. The fluffy, soft and supple body is very cute. When you hold it, it curls up into a circle and entrusts you with its body. In addition, there are various facial expressions, and happiness and dissatisfaction appear conspicuously. When he is happy or excited, he has round eyes, and when he is angry or surprised, he says "Ikamimi" and pulls his ears back, clearly conveying his dissatisfaction. When he's bored, he looks dull and can look like he has dark circles under his eyes. And the tail also expresses emotions. When he's startled, he becomes fuzzy like a raccoon dog, and when he's frustrated, he threw himself on the floor. When you're happy, you can stand up high, and when you're scared, you can roll it close to your body. In this way, it is a very cute moment to show emotions with the whole body.

Freedom is cute!

Freedom is synonymous with cats. When you want a snack or rice, you can pickle your feet with a cute expression. However, once they finish eating, they move to higher places and start grooming themselves. If you stroke it, it may look at you with a slightly dissatisfied look, asking, "Why are you stroking me?" Also, when you pick it up, it will jump off smoothly because it will say "meow♪". Even in such a free-spirited cat, there is also a gentle side that draws people's feelings. When you're crying or feeling sad, he will quietly come to you and give you an expression like, "Are you okay?"

Behavior peculiar to cats is cute!

The unique behavior of cats, which humans don't have, is also an adorable side.
  • Grooming with an enraptured expression
  • curled up sleeping
  • Crying "meow" and snuggling up
  • Unfamiliar face when sleepy
  • Cat Fumi Fumi when it's spoiled
  • How cats sit
  • jump up high
  • Loves narrow spaces such as cardboard boxes
There are various cat-specific behaviors, and all of them are lovely moments.

Individuality shines! ? This place is cute too!

In addition to the above, there are cute moments for each cat.

a variety of sounds

A cat's meow is ten colors (cats?). Some cats have a high-pitched meow, some have a slightly lower voice, some have a husky voice, and so on. Domestic cats use meowing to communicate with their owners and make various requests. "Give me some food!" "Play with me!" "Can I spoil you?" Cats are said to have four main vocalizations,
  • Indulge, demand, and be happy: meow
  • When aiming for prey: Kaka-ka-ka-ku-ku-ku
  • When to Intimidate: Shah, Fu
  • Estrus season: meow, meow
and are used for each scene. In addition, kittens are characterized by a high, thin meow. It's so lovely to see how these different calls are used and the differences in voices depending on age. On the other hand, outdoor cats do not meow much. This is because cats do not need to meow in the first place because they are solitary animals, and if they meow too much, predators will detect them and endanger themselves. Also, when they feel safe, they purr. It is said that this is the origin of communication between kittens and mother cats, but when you hear this rumbling sound, the owner feels happy too. However, be careful as they may purr even when you are not feeling well.

catches insects

Since cats originally ate mice and insects, catching such small animals is a skill. Therefore, it will catch insects that have invaded your home with its sharp claws. It's a blessing that doesn't need pesticides because it immediately catches "that shiny black bug". When you show off "I caught you", it's a very cute moment, regardless of what you have in your mouth.

come pick me up

Some cats sense that their owners are coming home and come to the front door to pick them up. When I think "I wonder if I've been waiting for you all this time...", it's so lovely that I want to hug it. It's a happy moment when someone is waiting for you at home.

participate in telework

The opportunity to work at home has increased a lot due to corona misfortune. When teleworking, a cat often pops up on the screen. It seems that the owner is interested because he is talking to the screen. Also, sleeping on top of the computer and typing all sorts of characters... it's a little annoying, but it's a cute moment, isn't it?

always at work

When you're packing up cardboard boxes or opening parcels, people come out of nowhere and always participate. Having fun playing with the string, or slipping into the box when it arrives... It's really cute how they seem to be having fun while getting in the way of their work.

Cuteness of cats leads to reduction of illness! ?

Studies have shown that having a pet such as a dog or cat reduces illness in children. Rather than growing up in an environment that is too clean as a child, it is thought that exposure to the bacteria brought in by animals builds immunity and is less likely to cause allergic symptoms. Owning a pet can also have a positive effect on the elderly. It has been found that petting, talking to, and playing with pets stimulates the brain, prevents lack of exercise and dementia, and reduces stress. The cuteness of cats is also effective in preventing illness.

[Summary] What is the reason why cats are cute and what is their charm?

Cats have plenty of cute charms that make you say, "This is it!" Every owner says, "My pup is the cutest!" Reference material
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