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Are cats good at answering machines? Introduce countermeasures for answering machines

Cats are by nature solitary animals, so they tend to be better at home sitting than dogs.

However, since it is an important pet cat, can you do the answering machine well? Don't you worry?

In this article, we will discuss how to take care of your cat's answering machine and how long you can stay at home. And so on.

If you are an owner who is worried about your cat's answering machine, please read it!

Are cats good at answering machines? can be stressful

Cats are animals that live alone in the first place, so they don't feel pain to some extent.

Also, they spend most of the day sleeping, so you don't have to be together all the time.

However, depending on the cat, some children are lonely and may not be good at answering.

When the owner goes out, there are often children who feel stressed and throw up or have diarrhea.

Some children do things they wouldn't normally do, such as rudeness and pranks.

Separation anxiety (a state in which you cannot maintain normal life due to anxiety and fear when you are separated from your family) can lead to increased aggression and behavior problems such as excessive vocalization.

How long can I stay at home?

How long will it be possible for you to stay home? You have to understand.

In general, for adult cats, one night stay is often fine.

Of course, you'll need to go out with all the preparations I'll tell you about below.

In addition, there are differences depending on the season, and while it is safe to leave the house in the comfortable seasons such as spring and autumn, there are some things that you need to be careful about in the summer and winter.

However, if you have a kitten, a senior cat, or a cat that has just arrived at home, there is a high possibility that trouble will occur, so try to keep the time away as short as possible.

If it is long-term, use an animal hospital, etc.

If you are thinking of staying at home for more than one night, or if you are worried about the answering machine, it is safer to use a family member, an acquaintance, a pet sitter, or an animal hospital.

Cats are domestic animals, so if possible, I would like to let them stay at home.

In that case, you should ask a family member, friend, or pet sitter to come to your home.

Please ask them to manage meals and toilets, as well as confirm safety.

You can also use animal hospitals and pet hotels.

Although there is a disadvantage that you cannot spend time at home, you can spend most of your time with peace of mind because someone will be watching over you.

Veterinarians are available at veterinary hospitals, so you can leave your pet with peace of mind even if your pet is unwell.

Let's get used to it from a short time!

No matter how good you are at answering, it's not a good idea to suddenly make someone stay at home for a long time.

Let's start with a short time of about a few hours to get used to it.

Especially in the case of a child with separation anxiety, he may lose his temper from the moment he senses that the owner is going out.

Set aside time to spend independently with each other on a regular basis, and try to communicate appropriately through play and interaction.

Housekeeping measures for your beloved cat

Now, I will tell you about the measures to actually have a good answering machine.

Have enough water and food

Instead of putting water in one place, place several in different places in the room.

It will be helpful in case you spill something or you can't go home.

Especially in the hot summer months, it is easy to get heat stroke without water, so be careful.

In addition, it is convenient to have an automatic feeder when you are away for a long time.

If you set the timer at a specific time, food will come out, so you can rest assured that you can feed them regularly.

There are also types that have a camera or can hear the owner's voice, so let's choose the one that suits your taste.

give a toy

If you prepare a favorite toy, you will be able to spend time without being bored while you are away.

However, try to avoid string-shaped items that are easy to eat by mistake or items that are easily broken.

Cat tower with swaying toys etc.

With it, you can play, climb up and down, sharpen your nails, and you won't get bored!

put in a cage

If you are accustomed to spending time in a cage on a regular basis, putting it away while you are away will give you peace of mind.

If there is a certain size (especially height), cats will recognize it as their own place and can relax slowly.

Include hammocks and cushions so that they can spend their time calmly.

Have multiple toilets

Let's prepare more toilets than the number of heads + 1.

Cats are animals that like cleanliness, so if they are dirty, they may make a mess.

Especially in the case of multiple pets, some children may not be able to use the toilet depending on where they are placed, so place them in various places.

install a pet camera

A pet camera gives you peace of mind knowing that you can see what you're doing while you're away.

There are also pet cameras that can be used when snacks are served or when there is a power outage, so you may want to consider introducing them.

keep the room clean

Unpredictable accidents can occur because the owner can't see you while you are away.

For example, accidental ingestion is common.

They scavenge for trash and eat plants that you wouldn't normally touch... Therefore, keep your cat tidy and out of reach.

Also, to prevent accidents, fix furniture firmly so that it does not tip over, do not open doors, and actively use home appliances with child locks.

Don't forget to take measures against heat and cold!

Don't forget to take measures against the heat in the summer and against the cold in the winter.

According to the Ministry of the Environment, the recommended room temperature for air conditioning in the summer is 28°C, and the room temperature for heating in the winter is 20°C.

To the last, this is the room temperature that people feel comfortable, but it can be said that this is roughly the same for cats.

Also, note that this number is the room temperature, not the air conditioner's set temperature.

Use blankets and pet beds to create a comfortable environment.

[Summary] Countermeasures for answering cats - How long can you stay at home?

In order to get your cat to stay at home well, you need to take measures on a daily basis.

Cats are better at home sitting than dogs, but try not to stay home for too long.

Let's review the environment on a daily basis so that your precious cat can be at home with peace of mind!

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