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Cat sleep knowledge

Cats spend so much time sleeping that they are called sleeping cats.

But in reality, you don't really know how long other cats sleep and how they sleep.

This article answers some of the most common questions about cat sleep.

"How long does a cat sleep?" "I'm sorry, but is it okay?"

How long do cats sleep?

Cats are animals that generally spend about 14 to 16 hours sleeping.

Kittens and senior cats can sleep up to 20 hours or more.

A feature of cat sleep is that they sleep for a long time without getting a good night's sleep.

It is said that we sleep soundly for only 3 hours.

This is a relic of the wild, and it was necessary to be ready to wake up at any time in a situation where the enemy could attack at any time.

How can cats get a good night's sleep?

In order for cats to have good quality sleep, it is important to send them a normal life rhythm.

This is because when the owner stays at home all the time or doesn't go out much due to the coronavirus pandemic, many cats feel stressed, such as being unable to sleep well or having bad behavior. .

It doesn't have to be a cat-centered life, but it seems that the behavior of the owner affects the cat's sleep.

Also, in order to sleep well, it is important to create a safe and favorite space for your cat.

Cats like high, dark, and narrow places, so make sure to create such a place.

The high space by the window where you can see the outside is sure to become a favorite space for cats.

Different ways cats sleep

Cats, who sleep most of the day, can see a variety of sleep patterns.

Let's see what kind of sleep is what kind of sign.

Sleeping stretched out is a sign of relaxation

Sleeping with your body stretched out is a sign that you are safe and relaxed.

This is because they feel safe with their owners and know that the place where they live is safe.

In addition, we often sleep stretched out on hot days in the summer, and it seems that we increase the contact surface with the floor and the outside air and release body heat.

Curling your body is a sign of coldness

On the other hand, during the cold season, it is common to see them sleeping curled up to prevent heat from escaping.

It is often seen that multiple cats called "cat dumplings" gather and sleep while huddling their bodies together.

However, if it's just that the room is cold and you're sleeping together... If your cats are curled up and sleeping, check the temperature in the room.

Incense box sitting

Kobako sitting is a way of sitting with both front and back legs tucked under the stomach.

You can often see him sleeping in Kobako-za, which is a sign of relative peace of mind.

This is because it is a style that cannot act instantaneously because all the legs are closed.

Also, be careful as it may be cold and your feet are buried in your body.

sorry sleep is a dazzling sign

If the cat sleeps with its head buried and kneeling on the ground, it's a bright sign.

Cats are animals that can sense three times more light than humans, so when they are sleepy, the light feels very bright.

For this reason, they sleep with their faces buried in a sleeping position known as ``gomen-ne''.

It's one side that looks cute, but sometimes I'm sick and sleep in that position.

I'm sorry, when the cat is sleeping, please carefully observe the cat's condition and gently dim the lights.

Rampage before going to bed! ?

If you have a cat, you know that cats start sports festivals at night before they go to bed.

Cats are nocturnal animals (strictly speaking, they are crepuscular; they are active during the dark hours), so they hustle when it gets dark.

This is more pronounced in strictly indoor cats, and may be due to lack of exercise and radiating excess energy.

But these days, cats adjust their life rhythms to humans, and many children don't go to sports festivals.

Let's play a lot with toys during the day, place cat towers and catwalks, and get into the habit of freely exercising.

If you start sleeping a lot, you may get sick...

You may feel that "I've been sleeping a lot lately, but maybe it's because of my age...", but if your cat sleeps more, there is a possibility that something is lurking.

Also, sleeping in a different place than usual or in a cold place may be a sign of a bad condition.

Also check if there is any change in the weight, whether there is any energy and appetite, and if there is any change, visit the veterinary hospital.

Be careful if your cat is snoring

Just as humans snore a little, even healthy cats can snort and snort.

Dogs such as Persians with snub noses and Exotic Shorthairs tend to snore more.

Small, regular noises that accompany your breathing are fine, but low, loud, gurgling snoring can be problematic.

In this case, there are many symptoms other than snoring, such as fast breathing, lack of appetite and energy, and a runny nose.

Take a video and consult with your doctor.

[Summary] Knowledge about cat sleep

Sleep is very important for maintaining good health for cats who spend most of their lives sleeping.

Create a favorite space for your cat to ensure a good night's sleep.

Small spaces and high places near windows can be favorite spaces for cats. If you are sleeping longer or are snoring, there may be some underlying disease.

Are you eating well together? what about the movement? Also, if there is a change, consult an animal hospital.

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