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How long do cats live? Measures for longevity

The life expectancy of cats has been steadily increasing over the last few years.

However, some children die prematurely due to illness or unforeseen accidents.

So how long do cats live?

In this article, we explain the lifespan of cats and measures to make your beloved cat live longer.

I want to spend time with my cat forever! If you are the owner, please read it.

How long do cats live?

According to the "Reiwa 2 National Dog and Cat Breeding Results Survey" announced by the Pet Food Association, the average life expectancy of cats is 15.45 years old.

In human terms, this would mean that they would live to be about 80 years old.

Until a long time ago, it was a feeling that "if you live to be 10 years old, you will be fine!", so you can see that it has become very long.

The reason why cats live so long is

  • Improving pet food quality
  • Improving veterinary medicine
  • Raising awareness of owners

There is something like this.

One of the reasons is that the number of indoor cats has increased.

Indoor cats have been shown to live up to two years longer than outdoor cats.

Children who go outside are more likely to have traffic accidents, fights, and get sick, so their life expectancy is shortened.

Mixed-breed cats also tend to live longer than purebred cats.

3 ways to help your cat live longer

As I mentioned above, the lifespan of cats is getting longer and longer, which is great news for cat lovers.

In addition, various researches are in progress to make people live longer. One of them is the development of therapeutic drugs for kidney disease.

It is known that a protein secreted by immune cells called "AIM (apoptosis inhibitor of macrophage)" improves kidney function, and research is progressing toward its practical application.

If this drug is perfected, the number of cats who die from kidney disease will decrease, so there is a possibility that they can live longer.

It is a very long-awaited drug in the present day when there is an image of "cat = kidney disease".

For now, it's important to do three things to help your cat live as long as possible:

① Get a regular health checkup

Regular veterinary check-ups are important.

In particular, middle-aged and older children are more likely to develop tumors and develop hormonal disorders, so they should be examined at least once every six months.

There are various types of tests, such as blood tests and imaging tests, so it is a good idea to consult with your doctor and decide how much to do according to your age.

A urine test can be done without putting a burden on the body and can provide a lot of information, so it is recommended to take a urine sample and take it to a veterinary hospital.

Early diagnosis of common cat diseases such as kidney disease, diabetes, and urinary tract stones is possible. Regular observation is also important.

  • Amount and frequency of excretion
  • amount of water to drink
  • does your appetite change?
  • gain or loss of weight
  • Are there any lumps?

And so on.

In the event of any abnormalities, make a note of "When did the symptoms start?" and "When did the symptoms appear?" It will be possible.

By going to a veterinarian as soon as you notice something unusual or uneasy, you can detect diseases early and lead to a longer life.

②Do not accumulate stress

Cats who are completely indoors live in a limited environment, so their daily routine tends to get stuck in a rut and they tend to get stressed easily.

Therefore, it is important to provide a well-balanced stimulus throughout the day.

For example, when you play with a cat teaser, instead of moving it monotonously, you can hide it or make it move slowly. …

Make it possible to exercise freely in the room with cat towers and catwalks...

Cats are animals that love high and narrow places, so it's also a good idea to prepare a favorite space in a high place.

A space where you can see the outside and bask in the sun is even better.

And cats, who spend most of their day sleeping, appreciate the comfort of a warm and cozy place.

There are many stressors for cats.

  • Relations with cohabiting cats and dogs and family
  • moving or redecorating
  • Change in life rhythm
  • Earthquakes, construction work, noise
  • Changes in meal content and timing

are also related to stress.

A good day for cats is said to be "a day just like yesterday."

"Don't make life monotonous + Unchanging daily life" It's a little difficult, but let's take measures well.

③ Well-balanced diet management

As with humans, a balanced diet is very important.

A well-balanced diet for cats is one that is high in quality protein.

Basically, it is okay if you feed cat food labeled as "comprehensive nutrition food".

At that time, it is recommended to use a method called "mixed feeding" that mixes dry food and wet food, as it will add a variety to the diet and also allow you to take in a lot of water.

Also, be careful not to give them food that other people eat.

Summary: How long do cats live? Measures for longevity

Cats have a very long life expectancy of 15.45 years. For your cat to live a long and healthy life,
  • get regular health checkups
  • no stress
  • balanced diet management

is important.

Observe your cat closely every day, and if there is any change, visit the animal hospital!

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