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Need cat trimming? How often and how to trim

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Need cat trimming?

Cats need less trimming than dogs, and are limited to long-haired cats and breeds that tend to tangle. For short-haired breeds, self-grooming is sufficient.

trimming frequency

The frequency of grooming depends on the breed of cat, the condition of its coat and the season. For long-haired breeds, it is recommended to cut the part where the coat tends to get tangled once every 1-2 months. In the case of short-haired breeds, it is important to take care of the coat by brushing, as hair loss increases depending on the season.

how to trim

When trimming a cat, it's important to do it gently so that the cat doesn't get stressed. It is also important to have a special tool for trimming.

First, brush the areas where the coat tends to get tangled, untangle the tangles, and then trim. When cutting, use scissors to cut the coat, but be careful not to let the knife touch the cat's skin. If you are not familiar with trimming, you can also ask a professional trimmer.

Benefits of cat grooming

Grooming your cat has the following benefits:

  1. Keeps coat clean
  2. Prevents pilling and tangling
  3. Helps against heat
  4. Early detection of illness or injury

Trimming keeps the coat clean and prevents skin diseases and mold. You can also prevent skin problems by preventing pilling and tangling.

In hot weather such as summer, thinning the coat by trimming will also prevent heat stroke. In addition, when trimming, you can check the entire body of the cat, which leads to early detection of illness and injury.



Short-haired cats don't need to be trimmed, but long-haired cats and cats that tend to get tangled in their coat should be trimmed once every 1-2 months to keep their coat clean and to prevent skin problems. We recommend that you do this as often as you like.

Trimming requires specialized tools and techniques, but if you are unfamiliar with trimming, you can ask a professional trimmer. Grooming your cat not only keeps its coat clean, but also helps detect illness and injuries early. We recommend trimming to keep your cat healthy.

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