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Potty training for cats-discipline points, causes and remedies when things go wrong-

If you have a cat, the first step is toilet training. However, you may have some concerns and doubts about how to do it. In this article, we will tell you how to potty train your cat. We also tell you the causes and how to deal with when you can't do it well, so if you're worried about potty training, please read it.

Cats don't need toilet training! ?

Unlike dogs, cats often don't need potty training. This is because cats are descended from desert animals and instinctively defecate on sand. Therefore, in most cases, just by providing a litter box and cat litter, kittens can use the toilet well from an early age. However, some cats do need toilet training. Below you will find detailed instructions on how to toilet train your cat.

how to toilet train a cat

Potty training for cats usually begins around 3-4 weeks of age. Basically, you will be guided to the toilet when the cat is likely to go to the toilet. The sign that you want to use the restroom is
  • smell the floor
  • fidget
  • go in and out of the toilet
  • Horihori in and around the toilet
There is something like this. If you see these signs, gently put him in the toilet. Also, as you spend more time with your cat, you will learn to know when to go to the toilet (after eating, when you wake up in the morning, after playing, etc.). Therefore, even if there is no sign, it is a good idea to guide the dog to the toilet when the timing is right. At first, if you put something that smells like your own excrement (sand, cloth, newspaper, etc.) in the toilet in advance, it will recognize it as a toilet.

I'll praise you if you do well

Regarding discipline in general, it is important to praise your dog when it is doing well. Pat his head, play with him, give him treats and praise him.

How to choose and place the toilet is also important!

There are several points in the toilet that cats like. It's a large, clean, accessible, fine litter litter box. It is said that the size of the toilet should be at least 1.5 times the body length. It is a good idea to prepare a litter box for kittens with a low doorway while they are still small. Also, just like people, cats love clean toilets. Once the excretion is confirmed, try to clean it up as soon as possible. If you tend to be away and it is difficult to clean up immediately, you can make a clean toilet by preparing multiple toilets. If you have multiple cats, you can keep them clean by preparing more toilets than the number of cats + 1. Good access to toilets is also important. If you're in a cold hallway or on a different floor, going to the toilet itself can be a hassle, and you may end up failing to use the toilet. As much as possible, prepare it in a place that is easy to access, such as the living room (however, places that are too noisy or become a flow line are NG). Finally, the type of cat litter is also important. Cats have been shown to prefer a fine-grained, mineral litter. It may be difficult to clean up and the sand may scatter, but try to choose the cat litter that suits your cat's taste.

What if you can't use the toilet properly?

When you can't use the toilet well, there are many problems with the toilet, such as poor access or dirty toilets. Let's check the toilet environment once again. In addition, since the smell remains in the place where it has failed once, it is often excreted there again. If you have turned into towels or blankets, consider disposing of them, and in the case of items that are difficult to dispose of, such as sofas and futons, deodorize them so that the smell does not remain. (However, even if you intend to deodorize properly, cats have an excellent sense of smell, so they often do it again.) is sometimes hidden. For example, cystitis, urolithiasis, and constipation are common diseases in cats, and they often cause rough phases. If there is no improvement even after providing a toilet environment, we recommend that you take your pet to a veterinary hospital with urine and poop.

Don't scold me!

Don't get angry if you can't use the toilet well. Because why is the cat angry? Because I don't understand. Also, some children misunderstand that "I wonder if the excretion itself was bad...". The basics of discipline are to praise and stretch. Praise them when they do well, and clean up when they don't.

Firmly check the state of excretion!

It is important to check the state of excretion firmly in managing physical condition. Not only the number and condition of peeing and pooping, but also the barking and the ability to go to the toilet smoothly. It is also important to check the state of excretion. Recently, there are systems that can record the status of toilets by incorporating sensors into collars and toilets. By using the latest equipment together, it seems that it will be easier to grasp the state of your beloved cat.

[Summary] About cat toilet training

Cats often don't need potty training. However, if the kitten has some kind of trouble, it is often not possible to do well. Cats love cleanliness and are particular about toilets. Observe your cat's condition carefully and prepare the toilet and the environment around the toilet!
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