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猫のふみふみは愛情表現? 猫のふみふみに迫る!ゴロゴロするときはどんなとき? - MOFUCAT

Is a cat's fumi fumi an expression of affection? Approaching the cat's fumifumi! When do you rumbling?

The scene where the cat presses its front paws "fumi fumi" is very cute.

However, cats don't fumi fumi because they think they're cute, aren't they?

What is the reason for this "fumifumi"?

In this article, we'll take a closer look at the secrets of cat fumifumi!

5 Reasons Why Cats Pete

Cats often fumifumi on cushions and their owners.

Objects that are fumifumi tend to be soft and warm.

for example,

  • human stomach and thighs
  • blanket or blanket
  • cushion
  • Plush Doll

… and so on.

Especially when the owner's smell is attached, I feel relieved and feel relieved.

There are 5 reasons to "Fumi Fumi" this soft and warm thing.

① I want to spoil you!

As a representative reason why cats fumifumi, "I want to be spoiled! "there is.

Fumi fumi is a movement that originally stimulates the mother cat's breasts to produce milk, so it is proof that she is spoiled.

When you touch something warm and soft, you instinctively remember it. Also, depending on the family, there are many cases where there are people who fumifumi and those who do not.

They tend to be people who feed and play with them all the time, so they must be really aware of their affection.

When he starts fumbling, let's watch over him gently.

②I want to sleep...

It seems that you often see him flicking with half-closed eyes.

Yes, cats also stomp when they are sleepy.

It may be that you remember being spoiled by your mother cat when you were a child.

③ When you are hungry

As I mentioned above, it was originally done to drink breast milk.

Therefore, it seems that he remembers, "If you're hungry, when you fumi fumi, your boobs will come out!"

It would be nice to prepare a meal while thinking that it is cute.

④ I wasn't spoiled enough

If you're fumbling too much, it's possible that you weren't able to take care of yourself very much in your childhood.

It may be related to losing to sibling cats or early weaning.

It's because you can't let go of the kitten mood, so it's a good idea to let him spoil you to your heart's content.

⑤ I am stressed

Even when you feel anxious or stressed, you may fumifumi to calm yourself down.

If a child who has never fumifumi before suddenly starts doing so, it is possible that they are under some kind of stress.

Let's check the changes in the environment and life style once again.

What if you don't fumi fumi?

When I was a kitten, I used to fumi fumi, but when I became an adult, I stopped doing it.

In general, it tends to decrease in frequency when it becomes an adult cat.

On the other hand, some children fumifumi even when they grow up.

In the case of adult cats, in addition to the above reasons, it is also said that it is a meaning to prepare the nest and a pose before fighting.

Also, it is influenced by the environment in which they were raised, so some children do not fumi fumi at all, but it is not a problem.

However, there are some children who really want to fumifumi but do not because the environment is not conducive to doing so.

In that case, you might want to prepare something soft, such as a blanket or blanket.

Sometimes I purr and purr at the same time

Various behaviors may be seen at the same time as fumifumi.

for example,

  • get used to rumbling one's throat
  • goop your hands
  • wiggle
  • chupa chupa the cloth
  • drooling

That's what it means.

The purring sound is also said to be involved in communication with the mother cat.

By giving the mother cat a rumbling vibration, she is telling her, "I'm here! I'm drinking milk!"

When you see these actions, you have an enchanted look.

You are enjoying the best time, so let's look at it with warm eyes.

However, if the cloth is abnormally wet, it may eat it, so be careful.

This is one of the cat's problem behaviors called "wool sucking".

If you eat the wrong food, it can get stuck in your intestines, which can lead to surgery.

If they are excessively chubby, try to find the source of the stress and remove it.

There are many stresses for cats, and they are often difficult to identify.

  • Relations with cohabiting cats and dogs and family
  • moving or redecorating
  • Change in life rhythm
  • Earthquakes, construction work, noise
  • Changes in meal content and timing

And so on.

Now let's take a closer look.

Fumifumi on the hind legs is in estrus!

What I have been telling you so far is the fumifumi with the front legs, but there are cases where it fumifumi with the hind legs.

At this time, there is also the possibility of "estrus period".

This is especially true when a male cat that has not been neutered stomps only with its hind legs.

At the same time, you can also see things like raising your hips and urinating while shaking your tail.

However, the absence of a partner cat during the mating season can be very stressful for cats.

We recommend spaying and neutering between the ages of six months and one year old.

[Summary] Cat's fumifumi is an expression of affection? Approaching the cat's fumifumi! When do you rumbling?

A cat's fumi fumi is one of the instinctive behaviors.

Originally, it was done to communicate with the mother, but it is considered to be one of the expressions of affection for the owner.

It's a proof that you're safe and surrendered together with the gurgling and the goopa of the hand.

If you think they're cute and understand how they feel, you'll be able to enjoy your day more!

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