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猫が「シャー」と鳴く意味や対策方法について - MOFUCAT

What does it mean when a cat whispers

Cats have a variety of vocalizations, but you may hear the occasional "shah" meow. But what exactly does this “shah” sound mean? In this article, we will tell you why your cat is "Shah" and how to deal with it. If you are an owner who is having trouble with your cat's meowing, "Shah! Shah!", please read on.

It is intimidation for a cat to say "shah"

When a cat meows "shah", it is when it is wary and intimidating the opponent or something. Because cats are solitary animals, they tend to be more cautious than other animals. When they cry, they open their mouths wide, show their upper and lower canine teeth, and have a very scary face. Although it looks aggressive at first glance, it is actually a defensive call used to avoid conflict. By telling the opponent, "If you get any closer than this, I'll attack!" If the opponent walks away during the threat phase, you can avoid unnecessary conflict, so you can avoid hurting each other and using your physical strength. "Fu!" and "Cuck!" are also signs of intimidation.

Intimidating sign seen with "Shah"

In a cat meowing "sha", various gestures can be seen at the same time. The ears are called squid ears, so they are either curved backwards or laid down on the head. The eyes are also wide open, staring at an object, and the pupils are elongated. As anger tightens the face, the beard also rises and becomes taut. Sometimes the hair on the tail stands on end and bangs on the floor. The fur on the whole body stands up to make the body look bigger, and the opponent will give up any further attacks. If the other person still refuses to give up, they may punch you in the face or even get into a fight.

Don't try to touch it when it makes a "shah" sound!

Avoid forcibly touching the cat when it is meowing. It may cause an unexpected accident such as being scratched or bitten. Also, keeping eye contact with your cat will make it feel more frightened, so try to avoid eye contact.

When does a cat say "shah"?

Scenes in which cats say "Shah", that is, when they feel fear or intimidation, include when they invade their territory or when they feel threatened. In particular,
  • A fight between cats (a newcomer has entered)
  • when you have a visitor
  • met an animal such as a dog
  • I heard a loud noise such as a vacuum cleaner
  • Poor relationship with owner
  • adopted as a rescue cat

There are times. At animal hospitals, there are many children who cry, but this is also intimidating because they feel uneasy about the environment that is different from usual. They can also be seen while playing with a cat toy. When they get excited to catch their prey, they say "shah shah" "woo woo". If you are a mother cat, she will become intimidating to anything that enters her territory to protect her nursing kittens.

How do cats make sounds other than "Shah"?

It is said that there are about 20 different sounds that cats make. Humans can hear about six of them. The meowing of a cat is roughly divided into
  1. pamper, demand
  2. aim for prey
  3. intimidate
  4. be in heat
sometimes divided. Outside cats are vigilant and rarely meow, but domestic cats skillfully use several different meows to communicate their needs to their owners. The meaning of the barks other than "Shah" and "Fu" are as follows.

"Meow" is spoiled

It is characterized by its long, cute voice. "I'm hungry!" "Let's play together!"

"Kakaka", "Kukuku" are excited

This call is also known as "cracking" and is the sound when hunting for prey. It emits when it finds birds, insects, etc., or when it believes that cat teasers are prey.

"Nyao" and "Nyaon" are in heat

You may hear "wow wow" or "wow wow". It is characterized by a loud cry like a baby's cry.

How can I stop my cat from meowing "shhh"?

If your cat is saying "shhh" frequently, it means that there are many situations where you feel anxious or stressed. Therefore, it is necessary to review the living environment and create a safe environment. For example, if someone you don't know comes, make a place to hide, or if you don't get along with the cat you live with, secure a space where you can feel safe with each other. Ideally, it should be in a separate room, but if the site is convenient, it would be nice to use the upper and lower spaces well and prepare a large number of pet beds and cat towers. There is also a method of ignoring the cat even if it meows "shah". Sometimes they cry because they want their owners to pay attention to them, so by reacting, they may mistakenly think, "If you chirp, you'll get attention!" If you ignore it, you will think, "Even if you bark, it won't respond...", and the frequency of barking tends to decrease. And don't get mad at a cat that meows 'shhhh', even if it's wrong. Don't forget to say that the child is crying out of anxiety or fear. If you haven't had a castration surgery, one option is to have the dog undergo surgery. If there are many male hormones, the sense of territory is strong, so it will become more vigilant and intimidating. If there is no improvement, consult your veterinarian.

[Summary] About the meaning of a cat meowing and how to deal with it

If your cat frequently says "shah", it may be having troubles such as tension or anxiety. Let's review the living environment once again and create a space where your beloved cat can spend time comfortably. Reference material
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