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What kind of tableware is easy for cats to eat?


Just as there are tableware that are easy for humans to eat, cats also have their favorite tableware that is easy to eat.

In fact, tableware is important because it not only increases the cat's appetite, but also relieves stress when eating.

Here, what kind of tableware is easy for cats to eat? In addition, we will explain what kind of tableware cats are stressed.

  • What's in cat food

Common cat food items include:

The first is made of plastic, the second is made of stainless steel, and the third is made of ceramics. Occasionally, wooden items are used as tableware for cats.

The characteristics of each tableware are as follows.

1-1. plastic

Plastic tableware is popular as a cheap and reasonable tableware. The tableware is light and easy to handle, but does not move or stabilize when eating.

In addition, the surface of plastic is easily scratched and dirt and germs are difficult to remove, so it is unsanitary to use it for a long time.

1-2. stainless steel

Stainless steel utensils are light and durable. More stable than plastic. Prices are not too high either.

Even if it gets dirty such as leftover food, it can be washed off easily and cleanly, so it is hygienic, but the surface feels cold to the touch and is not very popular with cats.

1-3. ceramics

Ceramic tableware is heavy and stable. Cats can eat with peace of mind because the tableware does not move while the cat is eating.

The price is higher than other tableware. In addition, it is heavier than other tableware, making it difficult to handle and difficult to store.

Dirt such as leftover food can be easily removed by washing. In addition, it has the advantage that it is difficult for odors to stick to the surface of the tableware.

The biggest drawback is that if you drop it on the floor, it may break, so you have to be careful when washing or storing it.

1-4. wooden

You don't see wooden tableware very often, but it is a hidden popular item.

Depending on the type of wood, there are lighter ones and heavier ones, but all of them are characterized by their durability, so you don't need to replace them often.

The price will be the most expensive. Also, if you continue to use it for a long time, the surface will be easily damaged, and even if you wash it, dirt and odor will remain and it may become unsanitary.

  • What is the tableware seen from the cat's point of view?

From the experience of having multiple cats, cats also have their favorite tableware. I tried various tableware and saw the reaction of the cat.

2-1. plastic

Plastic utensils are not very popular with cats.

The reason is that plastic tableware is light and easy to move, so it seems that cats can not eat safely.

Also, even if you wash it, you may not have an appetite because the smell remains.

2-2. stainless steel

Stainless steel tableware is not as popular as plastic.

The reason seems to be that the dishes are cold. Don't you hate it when your cat's tongue touches cold stainless steel?

Also, it seems that he is not good at reflecting light such as electric lights on stainless steel while eating.

2-3. ceramics

Ceramic tableware seems to be the most popular tableware for cats.

The reason seems to be heavy, stable and easy-to-eat tableware. Also, it seems to be good that food shavings can be cleaned by washing, and that the smell does not remain. This will make your cat more hungry.

2-4. wooden

Wooden utensils are more popular for heavy than light ones. Like ceramic tableware, it is stable, so you can eat with peace of mind.

However, after using it for a while, the smell remains in the wood and people tend to dislike eating it.

  • What is the tableware seen from the owner?

Based on my experience of using various cat utensils, the easiest to handle is the light plastic utensils.

It's good that the price is cheap and you can replace it frequently. However, it cannot be denied that it will be unsanitary, such as the smell remaining on the dishes.

Stainless steel is durable, but the problem is that cats don't like it because the surface is cold.

Considering various tableware problems, if we remove them by elimination method, it seems that ceramic tableware will be the most safe for the owner and want to use as tableware.

  • Choose elaborate tableware

Ceramic tableware is an ideal tableware that both cats and owners can use with peace of mind.

Among them, the food ball with legs is recommended. The reason is that a slightly higher tableware is ideal for cats than a low tableware.

If you eat with low utensils, you have to bow your head while eating.

This position can be very stressful for cats, especially older cats. Also, if you eat with your head down, your esophagus will be lower than your stomach, so you will often vomit after eating.

In addition, some tableware has a tilted mouth so that cats can eat easily.

It may also be a good idea to use tableware with a non-slip base.

You can find a variety of convenient and easy-to-use tableware by visiting shops that sell cat goods or by searching the web.


Domestic cats can only eat with the tableware that the owner has chosen.

Even if the tableware is difficult to eat, you have to endure it and eat, so stress will build up and you won't have an appetite.

Owners should devise tableware so that cats can eat with pleasure.

Your cat will surely be happy to eat it if it is your favorite tableware.

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