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猫が大好き!猫におすすめのキャットタワーの種類・選び方・置き場所を紹介 - MOFUCAT

I love cats! Introducing the types, how to choose, and where to place recommended cat towers for cats

Do you have a cat tower that your cat will love at home? Cats are animals that love high places. Therefore, by preparing a cat tower that can be comfortable, it will lead to a more comfortable home. In this article, we will tell you about the types of cat towers, how to choose them, and where to place them. If you are an owner who wants to prepare a comfortable cat tower for your beloved cat, please read it.

Cats love cat towers!

The ancestor of the cat is said to be the Libyan wildcat, which climbed trees and lived. They mainly hid themselves in tree cavities (cave-like spaces made in trees) and holes in rocks. By spending time in high and dim places, they protected themselves from foreign enemies and aimed at prey from high places. Since modern cats inherit that characteristic, many children love high places such as cat towers. Also, for indoor cats, the entire room is their territory. Are there any abnormalities in the territory? You can spend your time with peace of mind by keeping an eye on it from a high place every day. Therefore, even if the room is a little narrow, there is no problem if you use the height to create a space. By exercising up and down, you can not only eliminate lack of exercise but also relieve stress.

When can I start using the cat tower?

The cat tower is naturally tall cat furniture, so if you use it with a kitten, it may cause a fall accident. Therefore, it is better to use it after the baby grows to a size that does not cause injury even if it jumps or jumps to a certain extent at around 5 or 6 months of age. It doesn't matter if it's a little younger, as long as you acclimatize it at the bottom of the cat tower when you can watch it.

There are mainly two types of cat towers

There are two main types of cat towers.

Stationary type

This is a type of cat tower that you can place and use. The advantage of the stationary type cat tower is that it can be placed anywhere and requires less effort to install. It can be used even for rentals because it is just placed. It can also be used in homes with high ceilings. There are many low ones, so it is also recommended for small cats. Light weight objects may shake or fall down when going up and down, so be careful.

thrusting type

The thrust type cat tower is characterized by its high stability when properly installed. In addition, many of them have a compact design, so they can be installed without difficulty even in a house where you live alone. However, it is necessary to check periodically whether there is any looseness, and depending on the product, it is necessary to pay attention to the type that makes a hole in the wall.

How to choose a cat tower-Points to note

There are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing a cat tower. Please refer to the following.

Is the height suitable for cats?

Cat towers come in various heights. For kittens and senior cats, you don't need a very expensive one, so it's a good idea to choose a relatively small one. Also, for cats with short legs such as Munchkins and Scottish Folds with weak joints, it would be nice to have one that can climb up and down without difficulty. If your cat does not have the height, it may cause a fall accident, so be careful.

Safety check

Consider safety as well as looks when choosing a cat tower. Some of the cat towers are wobbly and have complicated structures. There are often accidents where cats fall over when they jump on them. Check the size of the ground surface and the thickness of the bottom, and fix it firmly to maintain stability.

Presence or absence of attached parts

Many cat towers have attached parts such as hammocks, suspension bridges, and houses. They will be a relaxing space for your cat, so choose something that your cat will like. Also, one with a nail sharpener is good. Cats are animals that instinctively sharpen their claws, so it is recommended that you have sharpeners of various shapes, such as vertical type and standing type. There are also cat towers where toys can be attached, but care must be taken as they may accidentally eat them.

whether it matches the room

It is also important whether it matches the image of the room. The cat tower is meant to be used for a long time, so make sure to choose a design and color scheme that will satisfy the owner.

Handmade cat tower is also recommended!

When you can't find your favorite cat tower, you may want to make your own. For those of you who have a DIY hobby, creating something for your cat can be very satisfying. However, if it is not properly designed and manufactured, it may cause an accident. Make sure to check the safety aspects every time you make your own.

Cat tower ~ Recommended place to put it

The recommended place to put the cat tower is a spot where people can see it well. If the owner is always in the living room, there is no doubt that the cat can use it with peace of mind. You can also put it by the window. It is said that windows are “TVs for cats”. The smell of the wind, the sound of the rain, the people and cars passing by... you can see different scenery each time, so you won't get bored. However, direct sunlight can cause heatstroke and is not good for your skin. Let's adjust it using blinds and eaves. It is also important to take escape prevention measures so that windows and screen doors cannot be opened.

Cats can't climb the cat tower?

There are often children who do not climb the newly purchased cat tower. They may be surprised by the new cat furniture, or they may not be aware that it is something they can climb and use. At that time, it is often used by installing it next to tall furniture so that it can be easily moved. Also, if you use snacks and guide them from the bottom row, some children will use them. Don't overdo it, let's get used to it gradually.

[Summary] Recommended cat tower for cats-how to choose and where to install

Cats are animals that love high places. Therefore, let's prepare a cat tower that will be a favorite space. If you can see the owner and the outside while relaxing from a high place, you can spend your time with peace of mind.
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