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Why cats fight and how to stop them

Cats may fight even if they are good friends. If you think, "They're licking each other," they'll curl up and stare at each other! I think there are many owners who have witnessed the situation. But why do cats fight? I will tell you the reason and the measures to eliminate the fight. If you are a multi-headed owner, please check it out.

Why do cats fight?

There are several reasons why cats fight with each other.

simply flirting

In the case of cats who are on good terms with each other, they may simply quarrel as an extension of their playfulness. When children who always get along well are fighting, it may be that there was something that they didn't like.

territorial dispute

Cats are solitary animals and may feel stressed when other cats or animals enter their territory. The range of motion of outdoor cats is 50 square meters, or 2,500 square meters for female cats, and about 14,500 square meters for male cats during the mating season. They patrol this area every day as their own territory, and if there is any suspicious movement, it may develop into a territorial dispute. Also, in the case of indoor breeding, the range of movement is extremely narrow. The average total floor area of ​​a Japanese home is about 100 square meters, so if you have multiple dogs, it will be a little cramped and troubles will easily occur. Regarding the order of cats, in the case of multiple cats, the indigenous cat has an advantage. Therefore, when we get a new cat, we sometimes fight, but when the other person is obviously in a weaker position than us, such as a kitten or a senior cat, we often avoid unnecessary fights.

Fighting over a female cat

When competing for a female in heat, it becomes a big fight. Outdoor cats meowing very loudly at night when they are asleep are generally fighting over the female cat. Cats go into heat from early spring to summer, and there are about 2-3 times throughout the year. When the female cat goes into heat, the male cat responds to her voice and pheromones. Unneutered cats meow and sometimes fight to win over females.

What kind of cat wins in a fight between cats?

Larger individuals tend to dominate in cat fights. Individuals with small bodies often withdraw themselves, judging that they have no chance of winning. When it is ready for battle, it will first cry out loudly, "shah shah" and "fufu", and try to settle things with just its fangs bared expression and attitude. The one who loses power due to the barking and staring at each other lowers their posture and makes a surrender pose, then pulls back and finishes. If you get injured in a fight, it will be difficult for both of you to survive, so you try to avoid useless fights. However, if neither of them wins, it will be a quarrel. If one of the cats apparently surrenders, they will not chase after that, and the fight will end there. Once the superiority or inferiority is decided, the same cats will not fight with each other.

If you have a scar on your face, it's proof that you fought head-on!

After the fight, how did you fight depending on where the wound was? What kind of cat do you have? And so on. If there is a scar on the face, it means that the child has challenged the fight head-on, and there is a possibility that the child has a strong personality. On the other hand, if there is a wound around the buttocks, it means that the child was injured at the timing of running away, and it seems that the child was somewhat reserved or the opponent was too strong.

If you've been injured in a fight, get medical treatment!

In the case of fights between cats, we recommend that you see a veterinarian because even the slightest wound may become infected. Also, there are infections that can be transmitted from saliva, so be sure to take good care of them. Veterinarians and groomers often get swollen hands after being bitten by a cat. “There are a lot of germs in the cat's mouth! , remember to say:

How to stop cats from fighting

Fights between friendly cats can be resolved by leaving them alone. Chasing and flirting can sometimes lead to fights, but most of the time it just goes away on its own. Fighting between cats can be a stress reliever, so keep an eye out for fights between good friends. On the other hand, it may be better to intervene in fights between cats that don't get along very well. If you enter the stop directly, the owner may get hurt, so it's a good idea to make a noise or use a cardboard box to stop the dog. You can get their attention with a snack or meal. If there are frequent fights between cats, is the structure of the room and a safe space secured? Let's check it again. If you really don't like it, breeding in another room is one of the methods. Also, if you have not been castrated, surgery tends to reduce your fighting spirit.

Up to 3 cats

Basically, we recommend breeding with one head, but if you have multiple dogs, try to keep it up to three. This is because it is said that when the number of cats is three or more, the frequency of troubles increases suddenly. The power relationship between two animals is easy to understand, and once superiority or inferiority is established, they tend not to quarrel any further. If there are more than 3 cats, it will be divided into one boss cat, many other normal cats, and one cat at the bottom.

[Summary] Why cats fight and how to stop them

In a house with multiple cats, fights between cats may occur. Sometimes it's just playful, but it's also possible that the cat is stressed. Make sure to check each time that the same cat is being bullied during a fight. Also, prepare each other's private space and create an environment where you can spend a relaxing time! Reference material
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