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愛嬌たっぷりの短足猫、マンチカンが大人になったらどうなる?マンチカンの特徴や性格、病気や寿命など - MOFUCAT

What will happen when Munchkin, a short-legged cat with plenty of charm, becomes an adult? Munchkin's characteristics, personality, illness, life expectancy, etc.

A very adorable munchkin that walks on short legs.

In the 2022 popular cat breed ranking of the pet insurance company Anicom, it is a popular cat breed that ranks third after Scottish Fold and mixed-breed cats.

In this article, we will tell you about the Munchkin's characteristics, personality, lifespan and diseases it is prone to.

I want to spend as long as possible with my beloved cat, Munchkin! If you are the owner, please read it.

What are the characteristics of Munchkin?

The Munchkin is a breed of cat with short legs.

There are also short-haired, long-haired, and floppy-eared puppies.

The Munchkin is a breed of cat that originated from a mutation that was bred after genetic testing proved to be healthy.

There are various theories about the origin of the name Munchkin, but it is said to be a munchkin that appears in the Wizard of Oz series.

Munchkins have very short legs, and so do munchkins.

Among the munchkins, there are not only short-legged (raghugger) puppies, but also puppies with the length of normal cat legs (leg length; standard), middle legs (super short), which is between short and long legs. I have a child to be born.

In fact, only 20 to 30% of all Munchkins have short legs, and not all Munchkins have short legs.

Since the short-legged Munchkin is a mutation as mentioned above, cross-breeding was done to prevent inherited diseases.

Therefore, there are various individuals in hair color and hair length.

The average weight is about 3 kg for females and about 4 kg for males.

Since there are individual differences, let's check the body shape by weight increase and decrease and touch feeling.

What is the personality of the Munchkin?

The Munchkin is a cat breed that has many children with a calm and gentle personality.

They are affectionate and easily accustomed to people, and are sociable and clever, making them easy to raise.

They are also curious and love to play.

Therefore, try to play with them using toys.

That said, there are some kids who are competitive and cool.

It occasionally sticks out its short hand to intimidate you, but that's also what makes it so adorable.

How long do munchkins live?

The lifespan of Munchkins varies from individual to individual, but tends to be relatively short, around 11 to 13 years.

This is because mating short-legged Munchkins produces many short-legged Munchkins, but among these, many of them tend to have genetically weak or disease-prone offspring.

Recently, mating between short-legged munchkins has been prohibited, but even today, some individuals with weak constitutions are still seen as a remnant of this practice, resulting in a shortened life expectancy.

That said, if you keep a close eye on your cat and take care of them every day, they will live longer.

What diseases are munchkins prone to? Tell us about the measures

Cats are known for their short legs, which puts a strain on their legs and lower back.

As a result, they are prone to diseases such as arthritis and herniated discs.

They are also susceptible to osteoarthritis, a disease that causes joints to become deformed.

Today, crossbreeding between Munchkins and Scottish Folds, and Munchkins and American Curls, which have broken ears, is a problem for some breeders.

Ear-broken cats are genetically prone to a disease called osteochondrodysplasia, which causes joint pain and deformity.

The pain and stiffness in the joints can be so severe that they have a characteristic way of sitting and walking and can severely reduce their quality of life.

It is important not to gain weight

In order not to put a burden on the legs, it is very important not to gain weight.

Basically, weight control for cats is done by adjusting the amount of food.

If you feel that you have gained weight, reduce the amount of food you eat.

If you have an excessive appetite, it is a good idea to change to a weight loss diet or other diet that has been suppressed.

It is a cat breed that loves to play, so it is recommended to play with it with a cat toy to manage its weight.

You can also take pain relief with supplements and medicines. If you have any symptoms, please consult your doctor.

Eliminate steps to prevent slipping on the floor

It is also important to care for the legs by making the floor non-slip and eliminating steps.

You may want to put a carpet on the floor, or add a slope to the sofa or bed.

Especially in the case of middle-aged and older dogs, it is recommended that you visit a veterinarian regularly to check for any pain or other troubles.

Don't forget basic care!

Don't neglect basic care such as brushing, toothpaste, and nail clipping.

In particular, long-haired munchkins can cause hairballs, which can lead to skin problems.

Brushing not only trims the coat, but also serves as a communication tool, so it should be done regularly.

It may be difficult to clip the nails because the legs are short, but if left untreated, the nails may stick into the paws.

If you can't do it well, let's get it cut at an animal hospital or pet salon.

[Summary] Tell us about the characteristics and personality of Munchkin, life expectancy and common diseases

The Munchkin is a breed of cat characterized by its long body and short legs.

There are many children with a gentle and sociable personality, and they are easy to keep.

Their lifespan tends to be relatively short, around 11 to 13 years, but it is possible to extend it with proper care.

Since it is easy for them to put a strain on their legs and lower back, it is best to make adjustments to their living environment, such as making the floors non-slip and eliminating steps.

Let's review it again to spend a long day with our beloved cat Munchkin!

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