【MOFUCAT人気No1商品】カプセルベッド付きキャットタワー【送料無料】 - MOFUCAT
【MOFUCAT人気No1商品】カプセルベッド付きキャットタワー【送料無料】 - MOFUCAT
【MOFUCAT人気No1商品】カプセルベッド付きキャットタワー【送料無料】 - MOFUCAT
【MOFUCAT人気No1商品】カプセルベッド付きキャットタワー【送料無料】 - MOFUCAT
【MOFUCAT人気No1商品】カプセルベッド付きキャットタワー【送料無料】 - MOFUCAT
【MOFUCAT人気No1商品】カプセルベッド付きキャットタワー【送料無料】 - MOFUCAT
【MOFUCAT人気No1商品】カプセルベッド付きキャットタワー【送料無料】 - MOFUCAT
【MOFUCAT人気No1商品】カプセルベッド付きキャットタワー【送料無料】 - MOFUCAT

Cat tower with capsule bed

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* Improved the convenience of the cat box part. Fixing the cat box with screws makes it easy to change the location of the cat tower.

🐾 Cat tower with capsule bed 🐾

[Luxury use of natural wood "MOFUCAT-cat tower with capsule bed"]
A cat tower that is perfect for a rest space for your precious cat. It features a warm design that uses natural wood, and is a discerning piece of furniture with a ball-shaped capsule bed that allows you to observe your paws from below.

[A lot of tricks that cats are happy with]
With a height of 165 cm, it is perfect for relieving stress for cats who love high places. We have added many features that cats love, such as a swaying ball, a post that can be used for scratching, and a small box-shaped room.

[For a small space]
You can use it with peace of mind with a durable design that considers durability and safety. With a space of 40 cm x 60 cm, anyone can easily create a space like a hideout.

[Easy to assemble]
It can be easily assembled using the large cap screw and double head screw that come with the set, so it is recommended for those who are new to using a cat tower. It has a simple design that does not require difficult installation work, so you can work quickly while looking at the instruction manual that is easy to understand with illustrations.

[Special design]
A spacious design where tableware and play equipment can be placed. On the second level, there is a space where the entrance and exit are hollowed out in the shape of a paw and a cat silhouette, and you can enjoy it like an interior with a playful design.

[Product specifications]


40 *60*165cm


cat tower

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