Do cats need walks? Tips for keeping indoors and points to note when walking

I think that the owner of a completely indoor cat may feel uneasy, "Should I let him go outside?"

Should cats go for walks like dogs?

In this article

  • Do cats need walks?
  • Precautions when taking a walk
  • How to stay stress-free indoors

is explained.

If you're wondering if you should take your cat for a walk, read on.

Do cats need walks?

With the number of indoor cats increasing, should we let them go outside? should i go for a walk I'm worried about it.

In conclusion, walking isn't always necessary for cats, but it can be a good stimulus.

This is because you can experience all sorts of stimuli that you cannot experience inside your home, such as the smells and sounds of the outdoors, and the feel of the soil.

It is also good exercise and helps maintain good health.

However, there is absolutely no need to force your dog out.

A long time ago, cats used to go out freely during the day and come back at night.

Sleeping comfortably on the side of the road, getting food from various people... It was normal.

However, in modern times, such a way of keeping is NG, and it is recommended to keep them completely indoors.

This is because they often get into traffic accidents and become a nuisance to their neighbors.

In addition, cats who have been outside freely even once not only want to go outside every day, but also feel stressed by not going outside.

There is also the fact that the average lifespan of outdoor cats is five years shorter than that of strictly indoor cats.

Therefore, it is best to keep them indoors or to walk them on a harness and leash.

Precautions when walking a cat

When taking your cat for a walk, it is important to wear a tight-fitting harness so that it does not run away.

Cats are soft-bodied animals, so if you walk them with a leash attached to their collars like dogs, they may slip through.

Also, make sure your harness and lead are brightly colored so that you can be seen by cars and pedestrians.

Instead of suddenly walking your cat, be sure to practice it indoors before going out.

Once they get used to it, it is a good idea to let them walk on the veranda or on the grounds of the house so that they gradually acclimate to the outside environment.

In that case, it is necessary to choose a place with as few people as possible, or choose a time when there are not many cars, such as at night.

Be sure to wear a collar with personal information such as your name and phone number in case your dog runs away.

Recently, collars with GPS are also on sale, so it is important to have them ready in case of emergency.

It may be safer to have the microchip pre-implanted.

When escaped, cats are animals that easily reproduce.

Therefore, it is important to have spay/neuter surgery in preparation for an emergency.

It is also important to have regular tick and flea prevention and vaccinations.

Check with your veterinary hospital.

How to stay stress-free indoors-Eliminate lack of exercise!

As I mentioned above, walking your cat is not always necessary.

However, staying indoors all the time can lead to lack of stimulation and lack of exercise.

Therefore, it is necessary to play with the owner and prepare the indoor environment.

Cats love playing games that mimic hunting. Originally, they live outside by catching mice and insects, so they are instinctively good at chasing escaped animals.

  • Move the cat toy with sharpness...
  • Gently take the toy out of the shadows...
  • Give snacks using educational toys...

It's important to play with your head like this.

In addition, when playing, it is also important to actually capture it.

Not only chasing the light with a pointer, but actually capturing it as prey leads to a sense of accomplishment.

Also, by building a cat tower or catwalk, you can enjoy moderate exercise at your own pace.

Even if you don't dare to buy it, try to create a space where you can climb up and down using furniture such as chests and cupboards.

At that time, if you can see the outside, you can get the stimulation of the outside without going for a walk, so you can sunbathe and relieve stress.

However, kittens, senior cats, and cats with short legs may not be able to descend if they go too high, so be careful.

[Summary] Do cats need walks? Tips for keeping indoors and points to note when walking

Whether you're staying indoors or going for a walk, it's important to keep your cat stress-free.

If you go for a walk, wear a harness that closes to your body and practice enough indoors before going.

Indoors, setting up a cat tower or catwalk, or playing with your dog will be enough exercise.

Let's actively exercise to relieve stress and lack of exercise for your beloved cat!