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Cats need their teeth brushed too! Timing, methods, and recommended items

Did you know that cats need their teeth brushed too?

Cats, like humans, need to brush their teeth to stay comfortable and live a long life.

However, suddenly brushing the teeth of an unfamiliar cat is a source of failure.

Therefore, this time, I would like to introduce the necessity and method of brushing your cat's teeth, as well as useful items for dental care.

need to brush your cat's teeth

First of all, from the point of "Why do cats need toothpaste?"

Wild cats and feral cats do not need to be brushed because the dirt on their teeth is removed to some extent in the process of tearing off the meat of their prey when eating.

However, in the case of domestic cats, the food is easy to eat, so it is easy to leave food particles on the teeth.

The leftover food causes plaque to stick to the teeth, which eventually leads to periodontal disease.

When periodontal disease gets worse, cats will not eat food because their teeth hurt.

In order to prevent such a situation, it is necessary to remove food debris with dental care such as brushing teeth before it becomes plaque.

How and how often to brush your teeth

Next, we will introduce how to brush your teeth, how often, and when to start brushing your teeth.

how to use a toothbrush

When brushing with a toothbrush, tilt the toothbrush at a 45 degree angle to the root of the tooth.

Then, while holding the toothbrush against your teeth, gently shake the toothbrush to brush.

If you apply too much force, you will damage the gums and the surface of the teeth, so never apply force.

how to brush back teeth

When brushing the back teeth, first press the upper lip with your finger to expose the teeth, then brush with a toothbrush.

However, many cats don't like to expose their teeth, so in that case, it's a good idea to brush your teeth by inserting the toothbrush into them without holding your upper lip.


If possible, brush your teeth once a day.

Especially if your cat hates brushing, once every three days is fine.

If you want to brush your teeth, it is recommended to start from the kitten (after the permanent teeth grow)

It takes time to get used to brushing teeth after growing up.

Therefore, if you want to brush your teeth, we recommend starting with a kitten!

It will be easier for your child to get used to it if you start brushing before and after the permanent teeth erupt.

What to do when you hate brushing your teeth

It is also true that many cats hate brushing their teeth.

Instead of forcing yourself to brush your teeth when you don't like it, use items that make it easier for you.

As we will introduce next, there are many toothpaste items such as toothpaste gum and toothpaste for cats.

Recommended items for brushing your cat's teeth

There are two main types of toothpaste for cats.

The first is a toothpaste item that the owner uses to remove plaque from the cat's teeth.

And the second item is an item that gives a similar effect to brushing your teeth when your cat eats or chews on it.

Toothbrushing item used by the owner

Cat toothbrush, finger toothbrush, cat toothpaste

Always use a toothbrush labeled "for cats".

In addition, the finger toothbrush that you wear on your finger is highly recommended because it is easy to brush and adjust the force.

You can also wrap the cat toothpaste around your finger and use it like a finger toothbrush.

Toothpaste or toothpaste gel

Always use toothpaste or toothpaste gel when brushing your teeth.

By using these, you can brush your teeth with just the right amount of force, and the effect of brushing your teeth will increase.

swab or gauze

For cats who are not used to brushing their teeth yet, cotton swabs and gauze can be used instead of toothbrushes.

Apply toothpaste or gel to a cotton swab or gauze and brush your teeth.

Items cats eat and chew

Cat toothpaste gum, snack

Just like dogs, there are toothpastes and treats specifically for cats.

These are designed to remove plaque to some extent by chewing on snacks such as gum or jerky.

toothpaste toy

There is also a plush toothbrush toy that the cat can chew on to remove plaque.

These are made of mesh material, so if a cat bites on them, plaque will come off easily.

It can be said that it is an excellent product that can prevent periodontal disease while playing.

Powder type toothpaste, dry food with toothpaste

We also recommend powder type toothpaste that removes plaque by sprinkling it on the food and feeding it with the food.

Dry food with toothpaste is also sold, so you can do dental care in a more time-consuming manner.

One option is to ask a professional for dental problems.

If your cat doesn't get used to brushing their teeth, or if you're worried about your cat's bad breath, taking your cat to a veterinarian for a checkup is one option.

Once the plaque is removed at the veterinary clinic, it may be easier to brush the teeth at home afterwards.

Also, bad breath can hide illness.

If you are concerned, consider visiting a veterinarian.

[Summary] Cats need to brush their teeth too! Timing, methods, and recommended items

So far, we have introduced the necessity, methods, and items for brushing your cat's teeth.

I really want my cat to live a long life.

Please try to incorporate tooth brushing and dental care into your daily habits.

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