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猫へのプレゼント、何をあげたら喜んでもらえる? - MOFUCAT

What kind of gift would make a cat happy?

Would you like to give a special gift to your cute cat?

But what would you actually give them to make them happy? I don't know...

In this article, we will introduce you to the best gifts for your beloved cat.

I want my cat to be happy! If you are the owner, please read it.

Choose a gift for your cat based on its age.

Choose a gift for your cat based on the age of the child.

Same with people, but kindergarten and high school students give different presents, right?

In the same way, if you give your cat an age-appropriate gift, she will definitely be happy.

Now, let's break it down according to the age of the cat.

gift for kitty

The number one gift that kittens love is a toy.

Playful kittens need a variety of stimuli.

Especially for kittens in the socialization period (about 2 to 9 weeks old), it is necessary to give them a lot of stimulation because it affects their later personality.

For toys that provide better stimulation,

  • cat teaser
  • toys that move automatically
  • Educational toys
  • cat tunnel
  • toothpaste gum
  • ball
  • Plush Doll
  • pointer (chasing light)

… and many other types.

Cats instinctively like things that move, so toys that move automatically or that are operated by people may be good.

It would be nice if you could get the joy of catching them at the same time.

We also recommend toys that you can use your head to stimulate your daily life.

It's a toy that you can take snacks out of the puzzle and play while sharpening your nails.

Mofucat also has toys that you can play alone

It's for sale, so please take a look♪

For kittens, use something that they can play with to help them get used to people.

There is no doubt that they will remember, "This person will play with me!"

However, cats tend to get bored quickly, so it's a good idea to change the toys they use each day.

It would also be nice to have a cat tower or catwalk present that will last a lifetime.

It may be too early for kittens to use it yet, but you can get used to it by introducing it in advance.

For cats who are completely indoors, it is very important to be able to move freely up, down, left and right in the house.

If you choose something with various specifications, such as a bed, a suspension bridge, etc., you will be able to spend a comfortable and stress-free time.

gifts for adult cats

For adult cats, we recommend “delicious + healthy snacks”.

Treats not only satisfy your cat, but are also a good communication tool.

Even cats who are not very interested in people will come when you rustle the bag of snacks.

What's more, there are many kinds of snacks in the market, and it's a lot of fun for those who choose.

However, be careful not to give too much! It's easy to roll up and get fat.

Liquid snacks such as "Churu" are recommended for overweight children.

If it is a paste type, most of the ingredients are water, so it tends not to be excessive energy.

There are many other recommended gifts for adult cats. For example, brushing supplies are also recommended.

Cats are self-grooming animals, but brushing is useful for hard-to-reach places and physical contact with their owners.

Regurgitation due to swallowing the pill also tends to decrease.

Also, for a child who is alone for a long time, an automatic feeder is also recommended.

Even if you think, "I'm working overtime today and I'll be late coming home...", you can rest assured with an automatic feeder.

It is possible to spend time without worrying about a hungry cat.

By the way, let's go home as soon as possible!

Gifts for senior cats

In the case of senior cats, we recommend a gift of "a place where you can rest slowly".

It is a place where you can rest warmly, such as a pet bed, a cat chigura, and a blanket.

I'm a little weak on my legs, so it would be nice if there were few steps.

Also, cats like dark and narrow places, so it may be good to have a type that comes close to the body.

It is also important to choose gifts that match the season.

Cats don't like the cold, as there is a nursery rhyme, "Hey, you can curl up under the kotatsu."

Therefore, in winter, they will be happy if you give them a warm gift such as a hot pet carpet.

On the other hand, in the summer, it would be nice to have something that can keep you cool, such as a cooling mat.

It is also recommended to move the bed to a place where it can be sunbathed during the time when the sunlight is gentle.

A gift your owner will love

It's even better if it's a gift that not only the cat but also the owner will be happy with! As a stylish present, there is a "food bowl".

There are so-called cat tableware, but there are many types, from practical ones to simple ones that fit in your room.

Especially for middle-aged cats, there are many children who have pain in their necks and lower backs, so we recommend a food bowl with a height so as not to put a burden on them.

Many people have been using the same tableware since they were kittens, so I'm sure they will appreciate the gift of new tableware.

In addition, it tends to be easier to eat if it is slanted.

There are many tableware brands that match people, and they are perfect as gifts.

[Summary] What kind of gift would make a cat happy?

Have you found a gift that your cat will love?

If you choose according to age, you will find a gift that will make you more happy.

Let's examine and choose while imagining the happy face of your beloved cat!

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