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猫の目ヤニとは?原因や症状別の対処法、ケア方法を解説! - MOFUCAT

What is Cat's Eye Yani? Explain how to treat and care for each cause and symptom!

It is common for cats to have yellow or brown eye stains on their eyes. "Should I go to the animal hospital right away?" In this article, we will tell you about the causes, how to remove it, and how to deal with it. If your cat has eye mucus coming out of its eyes, don't panic and read it.

Should I go to the veterinarian immediately for cat eye stains?

The same is true for people, but eye dandruff is like dirt on the skin, and of course it appears even in normal conditions. In brachycephalic breeds such as Persians, exotic shorthairs, and Himalayans, the nasolacrimal duct, which is the tube that drains tears to the nose, is bent or narrow, so there is a tendency to have a lot of eye mucus even though it is normal. Therefore, it does not mean that ``I have eye mucus = I have to go to the animal hospital immediately''.

What causes cat eye dandruff?

There are various causes of abnormal eye dandruff,
  • Cat flu (feline viral rhinotracheitis, feline calicivirus infection, feline chlamydia infection, etc.)
  • Dust, foreign matter, eyelashes, etc.
  • Inflammation such as conjunctivitis and keratitis
  • I have a sore eye
  • Allergies (house dust, food allergies, etc.)
  • Eye diseases such as epiphora, dry eye, and uveitis

And so on. In the case of older children, it may be caused by bad teeth and eye mucus, or by tumors in the mouth or nose.

cat flu

Cat flu is a general term for upper respiratory tract infections caused by pathogens such as herpes virus, calicivirus, and chlamydia. Sneezing, runny nose, coughing, and other symptoms of a "cold" may be present, along with eye dandruff.

Dust, foreign matter, eyelashes, etc.

If you have something foreign in your eye, it will make you feel uncomfortable. It's the same with cats.

Inflammation such as keratitis and conjunctivitis

Inflammation of the cornea, which covers the surface of the black eye, and the conjunctiva, which covers the surface of the white of the eye from the back of the eyelid, can also cause eye mucus. Symptoms such as dry eyes and rubbing are often seen together.

I have a sore eye

If the eye is damaged, it will cause pain. As a result, rubbing or scratching can lead to eye dandruff.

Allergies (house dust, food allergies, etc.)

Allergic reactions to foods and substances in the environment can cause tears and eye dandruff. Allergies often cause discharge from both eyes.

Eye diseases such as epiphora, dry eye, and uveitis

In the case of a disease that causes an increase in tears or, on the contrary, a dry eye that dries out, eye mucus may appear more than usual. Uveitis is often accompanied by symptoms such as bloodshot eyes and miosis.

What color is eye mucus? Distinguish between normal and abnormal

What is the cause of eye mucus color? Sometimes we can guess. Also is it dry? Are you sticky? Is it coming out of one eye? From both eyes? may also be helpful for diagnosis. For abnormal eye dandruff,
  • Increased amount of eye mucus
  • I care and rub (I have itching and pain)
  • Swollen eyes, difficult to open
  • red eyes

are often seen at the same time. Also, check for other symptoms such as a runny nose or sneezing.

yellow or green

Yellow or green eye dandruff can be bacterial eye dandruff. You can use a cotton swab to remove the eye mucus and look at it under a microscope to see if it's a bacterial infection.

brown, dark brown

A small amount of brown or dark brown eye mucus is often physiological. You can see a small amount of dryness on the inner and outer corners of the eyes.


A small amount of dark eye mucus is often not a particular disease.


If you have red or pinkish eye mucus, you may be bleeding. At the same time, check if he is rubbing his eyes or if he is irritated.


If there is a small amount of whitish eye mucus, it is often a physiological eye mucus.

How to remove cat's eye stain

Gently wipe off the cat's eye mucus with water-moistened cotton or gauze. If you try to take it by force, you won't like it, so don't do it.

How to deal with cat eye dandruff

There are different ways to deal with cat eye dandruff depending on the cause. If you have the above-mentioned "not normal eye mucus", make sure to see a veterinarian.

eye drops

The most common way to deal with eye dandruff is eye drops. Eye drops such as antibiotics and anti-inflammatory agents will be applied. In some cases, an eye ointment may be prescribed. The key to success is to pierce the cat's back. Hold the cat from behind with your non-dominant hand and turn it up slightly. Then, put a drop or two of eye drops in your dominant hand. Gently wipe off any spilled eye drops with gauze. If your cat doesn't like it, you may be able to go to the hospital for eye drops or change to oral medicine, so please consult your doctor. Occasionally, some owners use human eye drops on their own judgment, but we do not recommend administering eye drops without a veterinarian's instruction. Eye drops for humans may be too strong for cats, or they may even make things worse.

Sometimes you do an Elizabethan collar

If your cat rubs its eyes, you may wear an Elizabethan collar. However, it can be stressful, so when the owner can see it, I sometimes remove it and see the progress.

[Summary] Tell us about the cause, how to remove it, and how to deal with it

Eye mucus is a process of metabolism, and even if it is normal, it will appear if it is a small amount. Pathological eye mucus often has a large amount and other symptoms such as sneezing and runny nose. If your cat has unusual eye dandruff, make an appointment with a veterinarian.
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