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What are the points you need to know to avoid hurting your cat's nails?

What are the points you need to know to avoid hurting your cat's nails?

Clipping a cat's nails is one of the most important cares for the owner. However, cat claws are very sharp and can hurt your cat if not done properly. In this article, we will explain the points you need to know to avoid hurting your cat's nail clippers.

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Necessity and frequency of nail clipping for cats

A cat's claws are naturally trimmed, but indoor cats may grow their claws too much due to changes in the environment. In addition, extended nails can damage furniture and the owner's skin, and leave scratch marks, so regular nail clipping is necessary.

The frequency of nail clipping varies depending on the individual cat and the environment, but once a week to once every two weeks is a good rule of thumb.

Points to be careful not to hurt by clipping the cat's nails

It is important to pay attention to the following points in order not to hurt your cat's claws.

  • Understand the anatomy of your cat's claws : Your cat's claws are full of blood vessels and nerves, and cutting the "quick" at the base can cause bleeding and pain. Start with the clear part of the nail to avoid cutting the quick.
  • Calm your cat : When your cat is anxious or stressed, it may not retract its claws and may become rebellious or violent. To soothe your cat, you can gently talk to it acm acm acm or lure it in with a favorite treat before clipping.
  • Don't clip in an unsteady position : When clipping your cat's claws, avoid clipping them in an unsteady position or in a restless position. It's a good idea to put your cat on a stable surface so that you can work in a comfortable position.
  • Work in a non-slippery area : When clipping your cat's claws, it's a good idea to work in a non-slippery area. For example, work on a non-slip table or cat tower.
  • Don't use unnecessary force : When clipping your cat's claws, don't use excessive force or rush. By cutting slowly and incrementally, you can cut the claws accurately without hurting your cat.

The correct way to cut a cat's nails

Here's the correct way to trim your cat's nails:

  1. Soothe your cat or lure it in with treats to keep it calm.
  2. Grab the cat's claws.
  3. Starting with the transparent part of the nail, cut the nail little by little. When you get close to the quick, stop there.
  4. Once you've clipped all of your cat's claws, encourage her to relax by praising her or giving her a treat.

How to choose the tools you need to cut your cat's nails

Here are the tools you will need to cut your cat's nails:

  • Nail clippers : Get nail clippers made for cats. Using human nail clippers or scissors can damage your nails and frighten your cat.

  • Sharpener : Use a sharpener to sharpen your nails after clipping.
  • Hemostatic agent : Have a hemostatic agent ready in case you bleed from clipping your fingernails.

When choosing nail clippers, keep the following points in mind:

    • Make sure it's the right size : Choose a nail clipper that's the right size for your cat's claws. Nail clippers that are too large can injure your cat.
  • Make sure it's sharp : Choosing a sharp nail clipper will help you cut your nails cleanly.
  • Make sure you have a firm grip : Choosing a nail clipper with a firm grip that fits your hand will make the job easier.


Clipping a cat's nails is an essential part of regular care for the owner. By doing it the right way, you can cut your cat's claws without hurting them. Also, be careful how you choose your nail clippers. For your cat's health and comfort, make sure to trim your cat's nails.

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