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猫の寝方で体調がわかる?寝相・寝姿から猫の気持ちを読み解く - MOFUCAT

Can you tell how your cat is feeling by how it sleeps? Understanding a cat's feelings from its sleeping position

It can be curled up and sleeping, or it can stretch its body and look comfortable. In this article, from the sleeping position and sleeping posture of the cat, "How do you feel when you sleep?" 'What state do you mean? ] Read and understand. "What is your sleeping cat thinking? If you want to know more, please read on.

Common cat sleeping posture

A cat is an animal that sleeps so much that it is also called a "neko". It is said that they sleep an average of 16-17 hours a day. Especially kittens and older cats often sleep more than 20 hours. Therefore, if you have a cat, you will witness various sleeping postures.

sleeping in Kobako sitting

Kobako sitting is a way of sleeping with your front legs under your chest. It is called so because it resembles a small box (kobako) with a lid that holds incense. In this sleeping position, the paws are not touching the ground, so it is not possible to stand up immediately. Therefore, it is a sleeping posture that you can show when your cat is relaxed and relaxed without any warning. I fell asleep while saying, "It's so comfortable!"

Hesoten (sleeping on his back with his stomach facing up)

If you sleep on your back, it is evidence that you are relaxing. Since the abdomen is a vital point for animals, it means that they are very relieved to have it exposed. However, at that time, touching the stomach is NG. Sometimes I jump up in surprise and stop doing "Navel Heaven" after that. It's a posture that you rarely show, but when you see it, gently watch over it.

sleeping with his face buried in his front legs

This way of sleeping, also known as "Gomen-ne", is a way of sleeping in which the surroundings are bright and bright, so you bury your face to reduce the glare. Cats have sensitive eyes that allow them to work in the dark. Therefore, when you see "Gomenne", please gently turn off the light.


On cold days, you can curl up in a circle. It is often called "Nyanmonite" because its appearance resembles an ammonite. This "Nyanmonite" posture can be seen when they are not feeling well, so try to show them their energy and appetite as well.

Cats stretch on hot days and curl up on cold days

There are various ways cats sleep, but the way they sleep may change depending on the temperature and climate. On a hot day, the arms and legs are stretched out to release heat from the body. In addition, I sometimes choose cold places such as flooring and entrances to cool my body and sleep. Conversely, on cold days, they spend their time curled up. In the case of multiple cats, it is common to see "cat dumplings" snuggled together. Humans sleep with their bodies stretched out on hot days, and sleep with their legs pulled back and curled up in winter. It's the same with cats.

I sleep well on rainy days

Cats sleep well on rainy days... don't you think so? Cats have lived as hunters, preying on small animals such as mice and insects. On rainy days, small prey would hide, so on such days they rested to reduce unnecessary energy consumption and conserve physical strength. As a remnant of their wild days, they still tend to sleep on rainy days.

How cats sleep when they are sick

When cats are not feeling well, many children crouch down to sleep. It rests with its feet on the ground so that it can move quickly if something happens. Also, the place to sleep is often different from usual. They hide and sleep in hidden places, such as under the bed or behind the washing machine. In the case that he is nowhere to be found or that he is sleeping in a different place than usual, let's check his energy and appetite as well.

My cat is jerking while sleeping! ?

If you have a cat, many of you have probably seen your face and limbs twitching and whiskers moving while you sleep. This state is REM sleep, a moment of light sleep and dreaming. Sleep consists of REM sleep, which is light sleep, and non-REM sleep, which is deep sleep. Cats tend to spend more time in REM sleep. It is said that this makes it possible to hide from external enemies at any time by making the sleep light. When the owner moves, the moment when they open their eyes and look at you is also REM sleep. By the way, it is said that when you are in non-REM sleep, you are often curled up.

Prepare a comfortable sleeping place!

For a cat whose job is to sleep, prepare a comfortable place to sleep. A comfortable bed for a cat is a narrow, dark, and high place. As you all know, cats love cardboard boxes and boxes that fit comfortably in their bodies. The type that can be wrapped like Nekochigura will also be a place where you can spend time with peace of mind. In addition, cats can sleep while looking at the territory (the whole room) by placing themselves in a high place. That's why they are often found on top of refrigerators and chests of drawers. Many children feel more at ease when they place their beds near their owners. Due to the recent increase in time spent at home, the number of children who have their owners at home has increased, and the number of children who have become sticky and spoiled is also increasing. It would be nice to prepare a favorite space on the desk or next to it and work while stroking it.

[Summary] Cats sleep in various ways! Think about how your cat feels

For cats whose job is to sleep, there are various sleeping positions and sleeping postures. When you are relaxed and sleeping soundly, or when you are unwell, you can often tell by the way you sleep. Now let's check how your cat sleeps! Reference material
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