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猫のニキビ~あご周りにできるブツブツの原因と対処法・予防法~ - MOFUCAT

Acne in cats ~ Causes of pimples around the chin and how to deal with and prevent them ~

"There's a black bump on my cat's chin...!"

If so, you may have cat chin acne.

Left untreated, cat chin acne can lead to inflammation and bacterial infection, causing itching and pain.

In this article, we will discuss the causes, treatments, and prevention of cat chin acne.

If you have black bumps on your cat's chin, read on.

What Causes Cat Chin Acne?

Black bumps on a cat's chin are veterinary called "acne", commonly known as "chin pimples".

It can occur not only under the chin, but also on the lips and corners of the mouth.

The exact cause of this chin acne is not known.

However, because there are many secretory glands under the cat's chin, sebum stains accumulate? It is said that.

Hormones may also play a role, as there are more unneutered male cats. join it,

  • Adhesion of germs on food debris and dishes
  • Hard-to-groom areas
  • Constitution (including atopy and allergies)
  • Immunity weakened by stress

are believed to be involved.

If chin acne is left untreated, it can become infected and cause inflammation such as itching and redness, which is a great stress for cats.

What are the symptoms of cat chin acne?

In some cases, there are no symptoms, just a black bump under the chin. Cats themselves do not show any symptoms. However, if infection or inflammation occurs there,
  • hair falls out
  • change hair color
  • redness
  • itch
  • bleeding
  • Hard skin under the chin

You will be able to see something like this.

If your cat is constantly rubbing its chin against objects or scratching with its hind paws, inflammation may be progressing.

When it gets worse, it may swell and cause severe pain.

How to treat cat chin acne

If there are only black bumps and no symptoms, it is possible to deal with them at home.

Simply "cleaning" is important, and it would be nice to partially wash it with lukewarm water or gently wipe it off with a wet cotton pad.

The point is not to try to take it all at once, but to take it softly and gently.

Strong scrubbing can damage the skin and is counterproductive.

However, cats are not good at water, so if you do it forcibly, they may panic, so if you don't like it, let's get it treated at a veterinary hospital.

If your pet is red, itchy, or has any other symptoms, it is necessary to see a veterinarian for treatment.

Basically, it is treated with a medicated shampoo prescription or an ointment that suppresses inflammation.

It is effective to lather the shampoo so that it is applied, leave it on for a few minutes, and then wash it off thoroughly.

If inflammation is severe, anti-inflammatory drugs and oral medicines such as antibiotics may be used.

If the hair is long, it may be shaved.

Sometimes I wear an Elizabethan collar (like a megaphone around my neck) when I'm scratching.

Cat chin acne is different from human acne, so don't use human acne medicine on your own judgment.

Similarly, avoid using disinfectants.

In addition, castration surgery is also one of the ways to improve, as there are many onsets in unneutered male cats.

How to prevent cat chin acne?

In order to prevent cat chin acne, it is necessary to remove the causes mentioned above.


  • If it's dirty after eating, I'll wipe it clean
  • Always keep the dishes clean and replace them with new ones
  • take the stress away

That's what it means.

In the case of this clumsy way of eating, there may always be stains and drool after eating.

Let's wipe it clean.

In addition, plastic tableware is easily scratched and has the characteristic of being prone to breeding bacteria.

Glass or ceramic tableware is recommended because it is hard to scratch.

It is often difficult to determine what stress is for cats.

  • moving or redecorating
  • family increased (decreased)
  • Compatibility with companion animals
  • changed the rhythm of life
  • Construction work, lightning, and earthquakes
  • have some kind of illness

... and many other things.

Let's check once again if there is anything that comes to mind when you have acne on your chin.

[Summary] Cat acne-causes of pimples around the chin and how to deal with and prevent them-

The cause of cat chin acne is unknown.

However, one of the reasons is that the area under the chin has a lot of fat and bacteria are growing.

As a countermeasure, it is important to keep it clean, and if it is dirty, gently wipe it off with a wet cotton pad.

If the symptoms are severe, treat with medicated shampoo, ointment, or oral medicine.

Chin acne is not a life-threatening disease, but it is a troublesome disease that often recurs.

Therefore, once you have it, you need to observe it more carefully and keep it clean.

Have you ever been different from usual by taking good physical contact every day? It is also important to check the

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