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猫のストレスを見逃さない!ストレス解消のカギは「ハンターの本能」 - MOFUCAT

Don't miss your cat's stress! The key to relieving stress is "hunter's instinct"

Cats are animals that are easily stressed. In fact, people may be dissatisfied and anxious about actions and environments that do not feel stressful. When a cat is stressed, it often gives off a certain "sign". In this article, what do cats feel as stress? We also teach you how to relieve stress. If you feel that your cat has been acting strangely lately, please read on.

What do cats find stressful?

Cats are solitary animals that live freely. They like to live at their own pace, as they please, climbing up high places, sprinting to catch prey, sleeping soundly in narrow spaces, and so on. It's just that these natural behaviors of cats may not be fulfilled in the case of domestic cats. There are various types of stress that cats feel, but as an example,
  • New families increased (decreased)
  • The number of new companion animals increased (decreased)
  • moving or redecorating
  • no safe space
  • Lack of exercise
  • Noise such as construction or thunder
  • Change in relationship with owner
  • Excessive interference
  • decreased contact

… and so on. Also, I sometimes feel stressed by a phenomenon that seems to reduce stress, such as "the owner spends more time at home due to the corona sickness."

Cat stress signs

Even cats who seem to be doing well can actually be stressed. When we are stressed, we often show the following signs:

loss of appetite or energy

If a child who used to play a lot, who started to leave food, stops playing, there may be some kind of stress. Stress can also lead to illness, loss of appetite, and lethargy. Cats are animals that put a burden on the liver by not eating, so the loss of appetite must be improved early. If your pet doesn't eat snacks and other foods he likes, take him to a veterinarian as soon as possible.

defecate in places other than the toilet

Cats are animals that instinctively defecate on cat litter. Therefore, when you are peeing on the bed or carpet! In addition, hygiene and environmental aspects such as dirty toilets and dislikes are sometimes the cause. However, failure to excrete is often accompanied by urinary troubles and digestive disorders. If you can't find the cause of your cat's stress, or if you can't improve it, try to see a veterinarian.

excessive grooming

Cats are said to spend about 25% of their waking hours grooming. Therefore, you may feel that you are always grooming, but if it seems that the time is increasing, it is possible that you are feeling stressed. Excessive grooming due to stress can cause hair loss, dermatitis, and sometimes bleeding. However, they may have skin diseases (such as ticks, fleas, bacterial or fungal infections) and may groom themselves more than necessary.

Improper nail sharpener

Scratching is normal behavior for cats,
  • remove outer nail
  • stretching for flexibility
  • Marking behavior to claim territory

and so on. Therefore, if you sharpen your nails in a fixed place, there is no problem, but if you start to sharpen your nails in a place other than where you used to sharpen, you may be stressed.

cry excessively

If your cat meows excessively as if to complain about something, it may also be stressed. They may communicate with their owners by barking, or they may express their intentions to their owners, but you need to be careful if you go too far. Separation anxiety may also be present if the owner prepares to go out or keeps barking when the owner is away. However, there are cases where the dog cries for pathological reasons, such as having pain somewhere, or not being able to urinate. Hyperthyroidism and age-related cognitive dysfunction are also suspected in older cats.

wool sucking

It is also called "textile sucking behavior", and it is the behavior of tearing off cloth or plastic by sucking it. It's a normal reaction in kittens, but when it's excessive in adult cats, it can be stressful. Also, there are cases where you accidentally eat it and have to remove it by surgery, so you need to be careful.

Cat stress relief

If stress behavior is observed, it may be improved by the coping methods described below. Depending on the situation, you may be treated with supplements or medicine, so if there is no improvement, please consult your doctor.

I'll play with you a lot

Use toys such as cat teasers and play with them a lot. Cats love playing games that mimic hunting. Shaking a cat toy with sharpness, hiding it in the shade and moving it quickly...By making movements reminiscent of small animals such as mice and insects, you can encourage the natural behavior of cats and help relieve stress. If you don't have time, or if you tend to be away and can't let your child play much, you can use toys that move automatically.

create a comfortable space

Create a comfortable space for your cat with clean water, delicious food, and a clean toilet. Also, cats love high and narrow spaces. Therefore, it is a good idea to set up a cat tower or catwalk, or prepare a hidden spot such as a cat chigura or cardboard.

Multiple nail sharpening locations

Cats are animals that instinctively scratch. Nail sharpeners come in a variety of materials, such as cardboard and cloth, and in various shapes, such as stationary and wall-mounted types. Let's prepare several according to the taste of the beloved cat.

moderate skinship

Petting, cuddling, talking... It's also important to give your cat the right amount of physical contact. However, it is a good idea to do it when the cat comes close to you. Forcibly holding down a child who doesn't like it will cause stress.

[Summary] Cats are feeling stress! ? Tell me how to relieve stress

Cats seem to live carefree, but they can actually be stressed. Improper toileting, excessive grooming, lack of energy and appetite can be stressful. Let's create a comfortable environment, play together, and communicate appropriately!
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