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What is a comfortable room for cats? Also tell us the points you want to be careful about

You want to make a room where you can relax slowly for your cute cat. Recently, most cats are completely indoor cats, so it is very important to prepare the environment in the house. In this article, we will tell you about rooms that are comfortable for cats, and also introduce points you should be aware of. If you are an owner who wants your cat to enjoy a more comfortable home life, please read it.

What is a comfortable room for cats?

For a fully indoor cat, the room is the territory itself. They eat, sleep, and play in their territory, so we need to create an environment where they can feel safe. In order to create a room that is comfortable for cats, let's meet the following items.

space to move up and down

It is important to provide a space for your cat to move up and down. This is because cats were originally animals that hid themselves in high places such as tree hollows and holes in rocks. There they rested and when they saw the movement of their prey on the ground, they immediately jumped down to hunt. Therefore, use a cat tower, catwalk, cat step, etc. to create a space where you can move up and down.

environment for hunting

Outdoor cats feed on small animals such as mice and insects. For indoor cats, prepare an environment where they can hunt and let them live an exciting life that tickles their instincts. Specifically, use the furniture in the room and its arrangement, and use the cat toy to play with. At that time, instead of just moving the cat teaser, moving it with sharpness will make you feel like you are enjoying the hunt. Use walls and doors to hide the prey from direct view, and use shelves and furniture to move it so that it is hidden a little. In addition, playing together creates a good relationship of trust with the owner.

allow for sunbathing

Many children love sunbathing. Therefore, prepare a spot where the warm sun shines. It is said that "the window is the TV" for cats. The outside environment is full of various stimuli, such as the movements of birds and fallen leaves, the voices of people and the sounds of cars.

If you use the type of cat bed that sticks to the window, you can easily bask in the sun

I can do it!

Also, it is important to ventilate the room. Recently, there are some children who get sick due to the smell of chemical products such as softeners and deodorants, which is called "Kogai". Ventilate to keep odors and pathogens out.

Allow yourself to spend time alone

Cats are solitary animals, so give them space and time to spend time alone. Especially if you have multiple cats, you need to prepare a few spots so that each cat can rest comfortably.

provide a comfortable nail sharpener

For cats, scratching is an instinctive behavior. It is used to sharpen nails and remove old nails, but it can also be used for marking and stress relief. Comfortable scratching for cats is different for each cat. There are children who like the standing cardboard type, those who like the hemp vertical type, and those who like the wall-mounted type, and so on.

Providing a safe toilet space

Everyone wants a clean and spacious toilet. This is the same for cats. In the case of cats, it is more than 1.5 times its body length, and it can be turned around inside, and it prefers dry mineral cat litter. Of course, if there is excrement, it is NG. Therefore, prepare more toilets than the number of heads + 1 so that you can choose. The open type is clean and does not trap odors, but some children feel relieved if they can hide it like the dome type, so it is a good idea to choose according to your cat's taste.

Points to keep in mind when making a cat room

In order to create a comfortable room, there are some points that you should be aware of.

don't put anything dangerous

The cat suddenly jumps on and makes a ferocious dash. Especially in the case of multiple dogs, unexpected accidents may occur while chasing. Be sure to put things away in drawers and closets, and don't leave dangerous things unattended. In addition, cords can be chewed or caught, so keep them organized on a daily basis. Common household items like onions, chocolate, bleach and sprays can be harmful to cats. Be sure to keep it out of reach.

Pay attention to temperature and humidity

Adjust the temperature and humidity of the room according to the season. It's okay if you adjust the temperature and humidity so that people can spend comfortably. In general, it is said that a temperature of 20 to 28°C and a humidity of 40 to 60% are comfortable. However, there are individual differences between cats that are sensitive to heat and cats that are sensitive to cold, so let's determine the appropriate temperature and humidity for "where your cat is always." You can get heatstroke in the summer, so it might be a good idea to leave the air conditioner on when you're away. At that time, it is a good idea to prepare a room or place that does not get too cold so that the cat can choose for themselves. In winter, you can stay warm by using pet beds and blankets.

Installation of escape prevention fences

Many cats are interested in the outside environment, so they may go outside at random. If you go outside, you may get in a traffic accident or get lost, and once you escape, you may develop a habit of running away. Install an escape prevention fence at the entrance, and attach iron bars and reinforced screen doors to the windows.

[Summary] What is a comfortable room for cats? Also tell us the points you want to be careful about

In order for cats to live with peace of mind, it is necessary to create a comfortable and safe room. Also, remove dangerous items in advance and try to keep things tidy on a daily basis. Cats spend all day in their rooms, so use cat towers and catwalks to create high places, play with cat toys, and let them spend exciting days! Reference material
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