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猫とおもちゃの大切な関係。愛猫のストレス解消を考える - MOFUCAT

An important relationship between cats and toys. Consider stress relief for your cat

Cats love to play with toys. Spending too much time not playing together can be stressful. However, since there are many toys such as cat toys and balls, which toy should I play with? I'm worried, isn't it? In this article, we will tell you how to choose a toy for your cat and what you should be careful about when choosing and playing with it. If you are an owner who wants to have fun playing with your beloved cat, please read on.

Playing with toys is essential for your cat's lack of exercise and stress relief!

Indoor cats don't get much exercise. In the first place, for cats living outdoors, eating is itself an exercise. This is because many times a day they have to hide themselves in high places and hunt and eat small animals such as mice and insects on the ground. Also, in order to patrol his own territory, he walks and jumps on fences, and sometimes fights with other cats... Life itself becomes exercise. On the other hand, the house cat receives food when it is time, and sleeps peacefully after eating. tend to be more. Not exercising can lead to obesity and stress. When your cat is stressed,
  • excessive grooming
  • Rough phase (to defecate in a place other than the toilet)
  • day-night reversal
  • Hesitation (eating things that aren't food)
  • decreased vitality
Some behaviors and conditions may be seen. Also, it looks very boring... So you can solve them by playing with toys with your owner.

Types of cat toys

There are many different types of cat toys. Choose according to your cat's taste and age.

Cat teaser

The cat toy is a toy that can be played with the owner and can increase the exercise intensity depending on how you move it. By moving the cat toy with sharpness like a small animal, there is no doubt that your cat will be fascinated! Gently move it in the shadows, make a little noise... When it searches for unseen prey, it's the moment when it flickers its buttocks and gets excited. For senior children and children who are under treatment for illness, moving a little in front of them will be a good stimulation for their brains.

puzzle feeder

It is a type of toy that hides food and snacks and can be retrieved by using the head. It is sure to be a good stimulus to use your brain to think, "How can I catch it?" Even senior children can enjoy playing without difficulty because it is a toy that can be enjoyed without moving.


Tunnels are great for hiding and playing. There are types that make rattling noises and types that have pom-poms, so you can definitely get more excited by playing with them. Some children also use it as a relaxing space.


It is a type of toy that can be played by shining light on the wall or floor. By moving it like an insect, you can train the instantaneous power of staring at it and moving quickly. The owner can play without moving, so you can play with him even when he is tired. However, it can be stressful because it makes you feel like you can't catch your prey. Also, when using, be careful not to let the light hit the cat's eyes.


Roll the ball to chase it, add it to your mouth and carry it... There are various ways to play with cats. There are various types of balls, such as those made of plastic, cloth or cotton, and those containing catnip, so choose the one that best suits your cat.

Plush Doll

Many children like stuffed animals. Many children love kerigurumi, which they play with by kicking on their hind legs, and in the case of stuffed animals containing catnip or catnip, they are often excited and won't let go. They also tend to like stuffed animals that make a clattering sound.

Some furniture can be toys

There is also cat furniture that can be used as a toy. For example, by using cat towers and catwalks, you can move around and have fun. In addition, there are some with nail sharpeners, hammocks, suspension bridges, etc., so you can relieve stress just by moving around. It can be used even when the owner is away, so it would be nice to prepare it somewhere.

Precautions when choosing and playing with cat toys

When choosing and playing with cat toys,
  • Choose durable
  • Check for accidental ingestion
  • put away when not in use
  • play in the open
  • It's OK to play for a short time
It's good to be careful of points such as.

Choose durable

Even if you buy it, it doesn't make sense if it breaks right away. So make sure you choose toys that are durable. Toys that are hard to break tend to be expensive, so it's a good idea to actually touch them and look at the price.

Check for accidental ingestion

Some toys are accidentally eaten. The most common is the accidental ingestion of mouse toys. Because the fur resembles that of a real mouse, it is often accidentally swallowed. In that case, you will be treated to make it vomit at the veterinary hospital, and in some cases, you will be able to remove it by surgery. There are also cases where tags and parts are broken and swallowed. Swallowing a button battery can also cause a hole in the stomach and intestines. Check regularly to see if there are any broken parts or loose parts.

put away when not in use

When you can't see it, try to clean it up. This will give you a sense of play and eliminate the worry of accidental ingestion.

play in the open

Try to secure a large space with as little stuff as possible to play with. Cats who are obsessed with toys often find themselves in a situation where they cannot see their surroundings. In order to prevent accidents such as stepping on the wrong thing or falling from a high place, let's play in a wide area as much as possible.

It's OK to play for a short time

When playing with a cat, it is okay to play for a short time. Rather, playing for a long time can make them tired, and in the case of kittens, it can lead to open mouth breathing. By playing with the children in small portions over and over again, you will feel that you have played with them over and over again, and you will be able to build a high-quality relationship of trust.

[Summary] Eliminate lack of exercise and relieve stress with cat toys!

Playing with toys is important for cats to relieve their lack of exercise and relieve stress. You can also communicate by playing together, so please try to find time and have fun!
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