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The popular pet toys that cats never get tired of are open to the public!

You want to give your cute cat a toy that they can play with without getting bored so that they can have more fun.

But with so many toys on the market, which one is better? I'm worried, isn't it?

In this article, we introduce popular pet toys that cats never get tired of.

If you are worried about choosing a toy for your cat, please read it.

What is a pet toy that cats don't get tired of?

Cats are boring animals.

It's not uncommon for people to think that they were having fun until a while ago, but then they're no longer interested... they're sleeping soundly...

Here are 8 recommended items that even cats can enjoy playing with.

① cat toy type

The cat toy type can be played together, so it can also be used as a communication tool.

Arousing your cat's hunting instincts not only gives them exercise, but also stimulates them to use their brains.

You can run, take a low posture, and jump up and down...

It makes you look like a cat.

It is an item that will definitely make your cat crazy if the owner moves it with sharpness.

However, mice and types with wings are often eaten by mistake, so clean them up when you are away and replace them immediately if they deteriorate.

(2) Cat tower/catwalk type

It is a product that makes life more comfortable than playing.

Some cat towers are multi-equipped with toys, pet beds, and nail sharpeners, so you can enjoy various play with this one.

Cats love to look around the room from a high place.

Choose your favorite one according to the size of the room and the image of the room.

③ Nail sharpener type

There are many toys that children can play with while sharpening their nails.

There are various types of nail sharpeners, such as vertical type, standing type, S-shaped type, and motif type.

These nail sharpeners come with a ball that spins around, a toy that hangs on them, and so on.

Scratching is a cat's instinct!

If it comes with toys and is fun, it's sure to satisfy.

④ Electric type

If it's an electric type toy, it's easy because it will play on its own!

If you have a toy that spins overhead, cats often fall asleep like human babies.

Also, if the object moves irregularly, the cat will become "???", which will arouse the hunting instinct.

The electric type is recommended for those who are busy with housework or work.

⑤ Stuffed toy type

It's nice to have stuffed toys that look cute.

You can play by catching it tightly, or you can play while lifting it up a little bit...

Many children play by kicking stuffed animals.

These toys are also known as "Kerigurumi", and the appearance of the cat playing while kicking is also adorable.

In addition, some of the stuffed animals have matatabi inside, so cats can play while relaxing.

The stuffed toy type is recommended for children who have a habit of chewing or are naughty.

⑥ Luminous type

Cats are light sensitive animals.

It's a common sight to see someone chasing after a light that's hit by a pointer.

The cat will enjoy it just by moving the owner's hand, so you can play easily.

There are also toys that automatically move and light up, so many children are excited to play with them.

When using the pointer, be careful not to point it directly at the cat's eyes.

⑦Type that uses head

The so-called "educational toys" that allow you to play with your head are recommended toys for relieving stress.

There are various types, such as moving a ball within a fixed rail or taking things out of a hole.

You can play when the owner is not available or when you are away, so it is perfect for playing alone.

⑧ Tunnel type

Cats really like dark and cramped places.

Tunnel-type toys can satisfy that need.

You can run around inside, or fall asleep peacefully inside when you're tired...

There are many cute items, so please choose according to your taste.

Do you prefer cardboard boxes to delivered toys?

This is a cat, but I'm more than happy to put it in the cardboard box it came in rather than the toy that arrived.

I often find myself lounging away with my toys.

However, when someone assembles or tinkers with the toys that have arrived, they become interested and come to me.

At first, you may be afraid to approach them, but you should gradually get used to them while playing with them.

Choose age-appropriate toys

It's a good idea to choose your cat's toys according to their age.

For kittens and young cats, play is their job, so let them engage in intellectual, exploratory play.

In addition, it is important for the subsequent character formation to have various play around the age of 8 to 12 weeks, which is said to be the socialization period.

Try to give them various experiences, such as catching things, hiding, and playing with them.

Many adult cats spend their time leisurely, so a combination type such as a cat tower type or catwalk type that can be seen from a high place is good.

Also, it would be nice if they could play like hunting so that they don't lack exercise.

To some extent, let the owner secure time and play with a change.

For senior cats, we recommend something that can be played while sleeping, such as a pet bed with a nail sharpener or a ball.

Let's play at the cat's pace so that it is not unreasonable and does not put a burden on the body!

Be careful not to eat toys by mistake!

I tear it off and drink it, and I get injured when parts come off...

There is no end to accidents caused by toys.

In particular, by accidentally ingesting mouse toys and string-shaped toys, it often gets stuck in the intestines and requires surgery.

There are many owners who say, "My child is fine!"

Store it securely when you are away, and replace it with a new one if it is about to break.

Durability is also important when it comes to toys.

[Summary] Popular pet toys that cats don't get tired of are open to the public!

Did you find a recommended toy that your cat will love?

Depending on the capriciousness of the cat, it is often said that "Even if you buy it, you won't use it!"

Let's have a fun cat life with toys that satisfy not only cats but also their owners!

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