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What is the reason why cats "fumifumi"?

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  1. cats marking their territory
  2. a sign of cat attachment
  3. Effective in relieving stress
  4. It is important to prepare an environment for “fumi fumi”

cats marking their territory

One purpose of a cat's fumifumi is for it to mark its territory or possessions. This "fumi fumi" is to prevent other cats and animals from encroaching on their territory by attaching cat odors and hair fibers. In addition, "fumi fumi" is for cats to protect their territory and to protect themselves.

a sign of cat attachment

A cat's "fumi-fumi" can also indicate a cat's attachment to a particular person or object. When a cat "fumifumi", it makes you feel attached to that person or thing, and you can deepen your intimate relationship with your cat.

Effective in relieving stress

A cat's "fumi fumi" has the effect of relieving stress. When a cat "fumi fumi", it can make you feel more confident about yourself. Fumifumi can also make cats feel more secure in their territory.

It is important to prepare an environment for “fumi fumi”

It is important for cats to create an environment in which they feel safe. "Fumifumi" indicates that the cat is making a mark. By marking, cats let other cats and humans know that they are guarding their territory. Also, "fumi fumi" may indicate that the cat is not stressed.

It is important to create an environment where the cat "fumifumi". For example, it's important to provide your cat with adequate space as it "pats" to defend its location. In addition, it is also important to prepare "fumifumi" products that use materials that cats can easily use so that cats can "fumifumi" comfortably.

"Fumi Fumi" can reduce the cat's stress level, so the cat can have a healthy and comfortable environment. For cats, it is very important to prepare an environment where they can “fumi fumi”.

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