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猫が食べやすい食器とは?猫の食器は陶器で食べやすい高さのものを選ぼう! - MOFUCAT

What kind of tableware is easy for cats to eat? Choose pottery dishes that are easy to eat for cats!

How do you choose tableware for your cat?

There are many types on the market, so you may be wondering, "What should I choose based on?"

It is recommended that you select the cat's tableware with four points in mind to prevent regurgitation and joint care.

This article explains how to choose and wash dishes for your cat.

Owners who want to choose tableware that suits their cat!

Tableware that is easy for cats to eat-hold down 4 points and choose!

What kind of tableware is easy for cats to eat?

  1. ceramic
  2. have height
  3. wide and shallow
  4. simple structure

It will be a tableware that holds the four points of.

It's something to put in the room, so it's even better to choose the design as well.

We will explain them separately below.


Ceramic dishes are recommended for cats.

Other popular materials include plastic and stainless steel.

However, both of these have disadvantages.

  • Made of plastic → It is easily scratched, and food particles, germs, and detergent tend to remain there.
  • Made of stainless steel → There are cases where it is cold or hot, and there are children who are not good at reflecting themselves like mirrors

There is something like this.

It is also important that the tableware itself has some weight.

Observing how a cat eats, it often happens that the tableware moves while it eats.

Ceramic tableware has a certain amount of weight, so you can prevent it from moving around while you are eating.

A type of tableware with a non-slip backing is better.

②There is height

It is also important to choose tableware with height.

A low tableware is fine for kittens, but a certain height is required for adult cats.

This is because if the tableware is low, you will eat with your front legs folded, which will put a strain on your neck and front legs.

Especially senior cats and cat breeds with weak skeletons (such as Munchkins and Scottish Folds) tend to be more stressful.

In addition, eating with low utensils may cause the floor to press on the stomach or cause the head to be lower than the stomach, which may cause vomiting during or after eating.

The ideal tableware height for cats is said to be about 5 to 8 cm.

However, there are individual differences, so carefully observe how your cat eats and choose a tableware that is the right height for your cat.

Tableware with a height is sold under the name of "food bowl with legs".

If the tableware itself does not have enough height, you can also set up a stand for magazines and place the tableware on top of it.

There is also a dedicated stand sold under the name of "tableware table", so we recommend using this.

③ wide and shallow

It is also important to choose wide and shallow dishes.

In the case of deep dishes, the whiskers will hit each time you eat, which is stressful for cats.

This is because the whiskers for cats are also known as "tentacles" and are sensory receptors.

If this important sensor hits the edge of the tableware every time you eat, it will be stressful for your cat.

Whiskers are extremely important for cats, as they play important roles such as measuring the distance to objects and expressing emotions, so it's a good idea to take care of them.

Especially for British Shorthairs and Exotic Shorthairs, which are cat breeds with squashed faces, it is good to choose shallow dishes.

We recommend using dishes that are one size larger than your face.

④Simple structure

The simple structure makes it easy to wash.

Since it is used every day, it is recommended that the design is simple and easy to wash.

There are many cute designs, and some owners may say, "This is good!"

However, it is important to choose tableware from the cat's point of view.

Try to choose a type that can be easily washed as it has no decorations.

how to wash cat dishes

When washing cat dishes,

  • wash away the detergent
  • Separate sponges for humans and cats
  • Disinfection by boiling or soaking should be performed about once a week.

is important.

wash away the detergent

I think there is an image that if detergent remains, it seems to be bad for the body.

That's true, but cats are also many times more sensitive to chemicals than humans.

Recently, there have been many reports of health hazards caused by chemical substances called "Kogai".

It is important to wash thoroughly, but it is also very important to remove the detergent thoroughly at the same time.

Separate sponges for humans and cats

Some owners often use the same sponge for cats and humans.

However, it is not recommended.

This is because there is a disease called "zoonosis" that cats and humans are compatible with each other.

Cat saliva on the sponge can spread disease to humans, so be sure to separate the sponges beforehand.

Disinfection by boiling or soaking should be performed about once a week.

Even if you wash your hands thoroughly after each meal, germs and food particles may remain.

When these overlap, it is not very good for the cat's body.

Therefore, it is a good idea to sterilize by boiling or soaking once or twice a week.

It is also important to dry thoroughly afterwards.

[Summary] What tableware is easy for cats to eat? Choose pottery dishes that are easy to eat for cats!

The selection of tableware for cats is important for consideration of joints and prevention of regurgitation.

We recommend tableware that has a certain height, is made of ceramic, is wide and shallow, and has a simple structure.

In particular, I would like to be more careful in the case of senior cats and cats with weak bones.

To maintain your cat's health, choose tableware from the cat's point of view!

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