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Why do cats follow me? What kind of affection do cats do?

It approaches silently, and before you know it, it's right behind you. But what exactly is this reason and psychology? In this article, we will tell you why cats follow you and the various expressions of affection that cats show. If you are a cat stalker owner, please read this.

Why my cat is always behind me when I notice it

"Let's dry the laundry while my cat is sleeping!" "Let's put together the documents!" I'm just going to do it. There are several reasons why cats always follow their owners.

I want you to pay attention! I want you to play!

I often follow because I want the owner to take care of me. For those who work from home, there is a bang when you are working on your computer saying, "Now it's time to work!" It seems that it is a daily occurrence to ride on the keyboard. This is a cat's way of expressing affection, and it's telling them, "Come here, too!" It would be nice to communicate with them by stroking their heads or calling out to them.

I am hungry!

There are many scenes that come with an empty stomach. Cats have a pretty good idea of ​​who in the family is going to feed them. Therefore, when it's time to eat or when you're hungry, they'll follow you around saying, "Is there rice yet?" It's a sign that you're crying "Meow♪" or snuggling up to you. However, if you respond every time, you will gain weight, so do not give more than the amount you decided.

Territory Confirmation

A home for a cat is its territory. When the owner moves, it may follow in the sense of patrol, "Are you doing something strange in my place?" "I'm not doing anything strange!"


When a cat snuggles and rubs against its owner, furniture, walls, etc., it is a sign that it belongs to them. A cat's face has many glands that secrete pheromones, and rubbing them together makes them identify themselves. For a cat, the owner is "their own".

If you care too much, you may get separation anxiety

It's very cute to follow, but it can also lead to separation anxiety if you're too picky. Separation anxiety is a behavior or reaction that causes extreme anxiety when the owner is away or senses that he/she will be away. When the owner is out of sight, some puppies may cry excessively, destroy things, or behave crudely or self-harm. If you see these symptoms, you need to change your approach and improve your environment. Try to have some independent time from each other and keep a reasonable distance.

Be prepared for a dangerous scene if you follow

When a cat follows you, it can pose a danger. For example, when you go out or go out on the veranda, there is a risk of escape if you follow. Therefore, be very careful and be prepared by installing escape prevention doors and fences. Even children who follow the bath or toilet often have their feet caught or stepped on. Even if you think that your child is fine, they may run away suddenly or get into an accident. Always be careful that "the cat is following you" and always take safety measures.

There are more! cat affection

There was a meaning of affection for cats to follow. There are many other expressions of affection that cats show.

blink slowly

When a cat slowly blinks, it's a sign that it's trusting you and saying "I love you!" When relaxed, they may wink or squeeze their eyes. On the other hand, if he stares at you with his eyes wide open, it's a signal that he's nervous. Let's calm down by blinking slowly from here.

greet me

When you come home, you're sitting in front of the front door. But in fact, there is also a theory that they were just waiting for their meal. Even so, you waited for me, so let me thank you by stroking my head gently.

Lick me

Cat licking is also one of the affection expressions. When cats groom each other and lick each other where they can't reach each other, it's a sign of "Let's get along!" If your cat licks it, please pet it gently.

show belly

Showing your belly is one of the safe expressions of affection. However, it often bites when you actually touch its stomach. Cats have capricious personalities, so if you touch them excessively or if you don't want to, they will change their behavior. Please try to treat the cat at the pace of the cat.


Burying your face and rubbing while gooping your front paws is a remnant of the action of stimulating the mother cat's breasts. It feels like being with a mother cat, showing a sense of security and affection. If it is too much, it may tear and eat part of your clothes or rug, so be careful.

Presents mice, birds, etc.

In the case of cats that go outside, they often come home with mice or birds they have caught. When raising her babies, she feeds her kittens small animals weakened by the mother cat to teach them how to kill them and what they can eat. In the case of domestic cats, it seems that they practice parenting for their owners. It's a present for the owner, so please accept it.

[Summary] Why do cats follow me? What kind of affection do cats do?

Cats may follow you when they want attention, when they are hungry, or when they are checking their territory. Even cats who are usually cold-hearted may have various expressions of affection. Please understand your cat's behavior and love it even more! Reference material
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