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When and how much does it cost to spay a female cat? What are the pros, cons, personality traits?

About spaying a female cat | What is the cost and when is it appropriate? Explain the advantages, disadvantages, and personality changes


Spaying female cats is an important means of preventing breeding. Cat breeding comes with a lot of responsibility, so it's essential for owners to know about spaying.

In this article, we will explain in detail about the appropriate timing, cost, merits and demerits, and changes in personality regarding female cat spaying.

Reason for contraception

The main reason for spaying female cats is to prevent breeding. Contraception also reduces the risk of uterine and mammary gland diseases.

In addition, during the estrous period, the cries become louder, the behavior becomes abnormal, and the surroundings may be stressed. Birth control can eliminate these problems.

Appropriate timing and age for surgery

The best time for surgery is before estrus. Once a female cat is in heat, it becomes difficult to have surgery, so it is important to have the surgery done as soon as possible.

Generally, the ideal age for surgery is around 56 months. However, some veterinarians recommend surgery from around 4 months. It is important to discuss the timing of surgery with your veterinarian.

Estimated cost of surgery

Spaying costs vary by region and by veterinarian. In general, about 10,000 yen and 30,000 yen is a guideline.

However, it is important to check with your veterinarian in advance, as not only the cost of the surgery but also post-surgery treatment and medicine costs will be incurred.

Benefits of contraception

Benefits of neutering female cats include:

  • breeding can be prevented
  • Can reduce the risk of uterine disease and mammary gland disease
  • It can reduce the stress caused by the estrous period.
  • Prevents problem behaviors such as marking and biting habits

Disadvantages of contraception

Disadvantages of contraceptive surgery include postoperative risks and changes in personality due to surgery.

Risks after surgery include bleeding and infection that occur during surgery, and the risk of anesthesia. However, most of these risks are reduced if the surgery is performed in an appropriate surgical environment.

In addition, as a change in personality due to contraceptive surgery, it is said that there is a tendency to decrease the amount of exercise and become a spoiled child. However, these changes are individual and not all cats show the same changes.

personality change

As mentioned above, there are individual differences in personality changes due to contraceptive surgery. However, in general, you may see changes such as:

  • decreased locomotion
  • weight gain
  • tend to be spoiled
  • less aggressive

These changes are caused by the elimination of the estrous period and the decrease in the secretion of sex hormones due to sterilization. Also, even if the cat's personality changes due to sterilization, the cat itself does not change, it only changes behavior. Appropriate health management, including sterilization, is important to keep your cat healthy and happy.

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