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Necessity of cat tower

Cats are animals that love high places.

I think there are many owners who feel a gaze from above when looking for "Where did they go?"

Cat towers are recommended for cats who like high places.

In this article, we explain the necessity of a cat tower and how to incorporate it into your life.

If you're an owner who wants to set up a cat tower that suits your cat and see your child having fun, please read on.

Necessity of cat tower

Cats love tall playground equipment like cat towers.

This is because the ancestors of cats originally lived on trees and rocks, and modern cats have traces of that.

Also, since the room is the territory itself for the cat, is there anything unusual about looking down? is also confirmed.

Recently, most cats are completely indoor cats, so they often lack exercise.

Insufficient exercise can cause stress and obesity... By placing the cat tower, you can freely move up and down, and it will be a fun stimulus to relieve stress.

It is also important to create a purpose for climbing

Place the cat tower and you're done! It does not mean that.

Cats are also boring animals, so if you just put them on, they will get bored quickly.

Therefore, if there is a purpose in the climbing process or destination, they will use it without getting bored.

for example,

  • there is a safe place
  • can see out the window
  • people can look down
  • a comfortable temperature
  • In the case of multiple pets, it is a private space
  • there is a snack

… and so on.

If you have more than one of these, it will definitely become your favorite space. There are also cat towers that come with toys and can be scratched, not only to play with, but also to prevent furniture from falling apart.

There are many tall cat towers in mofucat

You can also relieve stress and eliminate lack of exercise, so please take a look.

Please see

Even better when used with a catwalk!

Recently, some owners use cat towers and catwalks together.

If you install the cat tower as a foothold to the catwalk, even small cats and senior cats can easily reach high places.

It is recommended to use both in order to expand the world of cat activities.

Recommended installation location

The recommended place to install the cat tower is the window where you can see the outside or the living room where the owner can easily see it.

It is said that the world outside the window is like a person's TV for cats, so if you can see the outside from a high place, it will be your favorite space.

Also, it is important to place it in a place where the owner can see it.

In the unlikely event of a fall, if it is in the owner's field of view, you can help it immediately.

By placing it next to furniture such as chests of drawers that can be jumped on, you can enjoy climbing various places, and it will be a place where cats will be happy.

Type of cat tower

With so many cat towers on the market, which one is right for your cat? I'm worried, isn't it?

When choosing a cat tower, the structure and layout of the house, owner or rent? Also take into consideration.

Mainly in the cat tower,

  • Stationary type
  • Ceiling tension type

There are two types of

The advantage of the stationary type is that it is stable and easy to install.

However, if you don't choose something with a solid base, it may fall over depending on the strength of the cat.

On the other hand, the ceiling thrust type is recommended for cats who love exercise because it has a certain amount of height.

The disadvantage is that if it is not fixed firmly, it may fall over, so it is necessary to re-tighten it regularly.

In addition, it is not recommended for rental properties as it may cause dents and scratches on the floor and ceiling.

In any case, it should be stable, and the height and material should be determined based on the size and exercise ability of your cat.

Some of them have hammocks and hideouts, so it seems that there will be more places for cats to feel safe.

For a better life for cats, the number of DIY and custom-made products is increasing.

Not absolutely necessary! look at my cat

However, a cat tower is absolutely necessary! It does not mean that.
  • enough living space
  • there are stairs in the house
  • It is an environment where you can move up and down in a dresser, etc.

may not be necessary in some cases.

In addition, for cats with weak joints such as Scottish Fold and Munchkin, and Persians that have been improved to require less exercise, exercise with a cat tower may be a burden.

Even for kittens and senior cats, there is a risk of falling, so use it as needed.

[Summary] Necessity of cat tower

A cat tower has many benefits, such as lack of exercise, stress relief, and a relaxing space.

When choosing a cat tower, choose one that is stable and has a height and material that suits your cat.

Choose a cat tower that is sure to be a comfortable home for your cat, and enjoy life with your cat!


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