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Why cats like high places

When I thought, "Huh? Where did it go??"

Cats love high places such as closets, refrigerators, cat towers and catwalks.

Why do cats love high places?

There's a reason for that. In addition to explaining below, we will also tell you how to create a room where cats can spend comfortably.

3 reasons why cats like high places

There are three reasons why cats like high places.

① To protect yourself from foreign enemies

Cats are animals that originally lived in tree cavities (cave-like spaces in trees) and rock holes.

By hiding in high, dark places, they protected themselves from foreign enemies. Another reason is that looking down from above makes it easier to find prey such as mice and insects.

The fact that modern cats spend their time in high places is a remnant of that.

②For territory patrol

Cats are animals with territories. The house is the territory itself for the cat, so it is necessary to check "Is there anything unusual?"

At that time, they patrol whether the territory is safe by looking over the entire room from a high place.

It is also said that cats communicate to others that they are superior by standing higher than other cats.

Showing yourself strong to your opponent also leads to maintaining your territory.

③ Because it is a comfortable room temperature

Cats love places that are neither too hot nor too cold.

(It is said that the comfortable room temperature for cats is around 25 to 28 degrees Celsius, but in many cases they are fine even if it exceeds 30 degrees Celsius.)

In the summer, you are away from the cold floor, and in the winter, you feel comfortable in a high place where warm air is trapped, and you are placed in a high place.

dangerous! Sometimes I can't get off

Cats are good at climbing, but not good at getting down.

You can't go down from the bottom like a person, you have to jump and get off.

If it's not too high, it will jump down while jumping, but if you go up to a higher place, you won't be able to get off.

This happens even at home.

If you feel something wrong with your cat, gently pick it up and drop it off.

Be careful with kittens, senior cats, and children with weak joints

Kittens and senior cats need more attention.

Due to my weak muscles, I sometimes fall in unexpected situations, and I can't do the ukemi well...

Therefore, in homes with kittens and senior cats, it is necessary to review the arrangement of furniture so that they do not go to high places.

Also, cats with weak joints, such as Scottish Fold and Munchkin, and Persians, which have been improved to require less exercise, are not good at vertical movement (exercise itself), so be careful.

High-altitude fall syndrome (cat-flying syndrome, high-rise syndrome)

In most cases, cats that have climbed up to a high level will freeze in fear, but some cats will jump down from a certain height.

High-altitude fall syndrome (cat-flying syndrome, high-rise syndrome) is a disease in which people jump from the second floor of an apartment or house.

There are various theories as to why they jump down, such as "because I don't know the height..." or "because I could see birds and insects...", but the cause is unknown.

Cats who spend their time only indoors may not be able to take a passive posture if they fall because their body movements are sluggish and fat.

Considering such a mysterious characteristic, let's change the perception that "cats can fall from high places!"

Cat towers and catwalks allow you to see the entire room

As we mentioned, many cats prefer high places, so try arranging the cat tower or catwalk according to your cat's range of motion.

It is also important to devise ways to make it a relaxing space.

It is said that the world outside the window is like a person's TV for cats, so if you can see the outside from a high place, it will be your favorite space.

However, in the summer, it would be a good idea to set up blinds and sunshades outside to prevent heatstroke.

It is also important to set up the relaxation space in a position that is not too high. This is because it is necessary to be able to rescue a cat even if it becomes ill and unable to move on the spot, and to prevent the cat from being in danger even if it falls.

It is also an important point to set the height so that cleaning can be done frequently.

[Summary] A high place for a cat is a relaxing space

A high place is an important space for cats to hide from predators and patrol the entire house.

By looking out the window and placing your favorite blanket, you will be able to relax more comfortably.

However, high places can be dangerous for kittens, senior cats, and children with weak joints.

Observe your cat's movements on a daily basis to see if there is any danger. Make sure to check the


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