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A must-see for cat lovers! Paw health checklist

A must-see for cat lovers! Paw health checklist

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The Importance of Paw Health

A cat's paws are essential for walking and balancing. The paws also play a role in temperature regulation and protection. Poor paw health can have a negative impact on your cat's health. The health of the paws requires regular checks.

Paw health checklist

When checking the health of your paws, check the following items:

1. Is it dry?

If the pads are dry, they can crack and become inflamed. Moisturize your paws to prevent them from drying out.

2. Is it cracked?

Cracked paws can cause infection and pain. If there are cracks, see a veterinarian for treatment.

3. Are they clean?

If the paws are dirty, they can become the cause of bacteria and disease. Wash and clean regularly to remove dirt.

4. Are your nails growing properly?

If the nail grows too long, it may press against the pad. Cut your nails regularly and keep them at the right length.

5. Is there inflammation or swelling?

If the pads are inflamed or swollen, it could be an infection or allergy. See a veterinarian as soon as possible and get proper treatment.

6. Check for mesenchymal tumors or onychomycosis

Cat paws have diseases such as mesenchymoma and onychomycosis. Mesenchymoma is an overgrowth of paw tissue, and onychomycosis is inflammation of the skin surrounding the nail. These diseases manifest as swollen and painful paw pads. Check it regularly and find it early.

7. Does it flake?

Cat paws can be flaky. This may occur under the influence of dry skin or allergies. If it flakes, take proper care of it to get it back to a healthy state.

8. Do you sharpen your nails?

Cats sometimes sharpen their claws. Sharpening the nails shortens them and protects the skin on the pads. If you're having trouble with where or how your cat sharpens its claws, make sure it's in the right environment.

9. Is the color of the paws healthy?

The health of the paws is also reflected in their color. Healthy paws are pink and have a nice color. If the pads are red, they may be inflamed or infected. If it is dark, it may be infected with mites or parasites. Check your dog regularly, and if you notice any problems, see a veterinarian.


A cat's paws are essential for walking and balance, and poor health can adversely affect a cat's health. Regularly check the health of your paws and take proper care of them. Checking the health of the paws is very important to keep your cat healthy.

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