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How to choose a cat bed | Let's judge by comfort and cleanliness

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How to choose a cat bed

A cat bed not only serves as a bed for your cat, but it also provides a sense of security and reduces stress. Therefore, we will introduce how to choose a bed that cats can spend comfortably from the viewpoint of sleeping comfort and cleanliness.

How to choose the comfort of your cat

In order for your cat to sleep comfortably, it is important to pay attention to the following points and choose a bed that suits your cat.

1. Size

Make sure your cat has enough room to stretch out. If it is too narrow, it will feel cramped, so choose a bed that fits your cat's size.

2. Materials

Cats spend a lot of time relaxing in their beds, so choose materials that cats like and that are gentle on their bodies. It is also important to choose materials that match the season. Choose breathable fabrics for summer and warm fabrics for winter.

3. Form

Cats like small spaces and hiding places, so they prefer domed beds or beds with walls and a roof. You may also prefer a higher bed.

How to choose a cat bed considering cleanliness

A cat bed is a place for cats to relax, so it is important to keep it clean. Pay attention to the following points and choose a bed with excellent cleanliness.

1. Ease of washing

Make sure the bed material is machine washable and how easy it is to dry after washing. Cats groom themselves, so it's important to keep their beds clean.

2. Material with deodorizing effect

Cats can give off body odor and urine odors. Choosing a bed made of odor-resistant material can help reduce odor concerns.

3. Material with antibacterial effect

You can protect your cat's health by choosing a bed that uses a material that is effective in eradicating bacteria and viruses on the bed.

Types and features of cat beds

There are many types of cat beds. Below are some of the most common types and their characteristics.

1. Dome bed

The hemispherical dome-shaped bed is a shape that makes it easy for cats to relax. In addition, since the ceiling part is open, it is easy for cats to enter inside, which has the effect of reducing stress.

2. Wall bed

Designed to lean against the wall, the bed is the perfect shape for your cat to relax. The pillow attached to the wall supports the cat's head and helps it sleep comfortably.

3. Tower bed

A tall tower bed can also be used as a place for cats to play. Also, since you can look down from above, it gives you a sense of security even if your cat is prone to being wary.

4. Wooden bed

A bed made of natural wood allows your cat to relax in a natural way. It is also popular as a favorite place for cats because you can lay out a cloth or rug and hide in the bed.


We introduced how to choose a cat bed from the viewpoint of comfort and cleanliness. Cats can spend their time comfortably by choosing a cat that matches their physique and habits. Also, consider cleanliness and choose a bed that helps maintain the health of your cat. Cat beds play a big role in your cat's health and stress reduction. By choosing a cat that is close to your cat's feelings, you can deepen communication with your cat and enrich your life with your cat.

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