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猫の鳴き声がうるさい時はどうすればいい? 猫が鳴く理由と対策について - MOFUCAT

What should I do if my cat meows loudly? Reasons why your cat meows and what to do about it

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why cats cry

What should I do if my cat meows loudly? Here are some reasons why cats meow:

  1. want food
  2. want to play
  3. looking for a toilet
  4. i feel lonely
  5. are sick or injured
  6. Dementia due to aging

The reason why cats meow varies from person to person, but most cats meow to want food or to play. They may also meow when they are looking for a toilet or when they are feeling lonely. It may cry when it is sick or injured, so be careful.

What to do if your cat meows too much

If your cat meows too much, here are some things to do:

1.Thorough food management

If your cat meows for food, you may be overfeeding it. Feeding your cat regularly and controlling the amount of food you eat can help keep your cat from meowing.

2. Encourage moderate exercise

If your cat meows to play, encourage him to exercise. By preparing toys and playing together, you can get a moderate amount of exercise.

3. Prepare a toilet

If your cat meows looking for a litter box, it's important to have a litter box available. If the location of the toilet is changed or if it is not cleaned, it may cry, so be sure to clean it regularly .

4. Don't make me feel lonely

If your cat feels lonely and meows, it's important to have moderate communication. Keep your cat from feeling lonely by spending time with him or playing with him regularly.

5. Suspect illness or injury

If your cat meows too much, you should suspect an illness or injury. Older or sick cats, in particular, may meow abnormally. In such cases, it is recommended that you see a doctor.


There are many reasons why cats meow, and there are different ways to deal with them.

If your cat is meowing too much, the first thing to do is to find out why and take appropriate measures. Also, if you suspect your cat is sick or injured, it's important to get it checked early. In order to make life with cats more comfortable, be sure to think about what to do if your cat meows too much.

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