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猫の喜ぶ顔が見たい!お家で遊べるおしゃれなおもちゃを教えてください。 - MOFUCAT

I want to see the cat's happy face! Tell me about cool toys you can play with at home.

Cats are very cute, aren't they?

I think there are many owners who buy more for their beloved cats than for themselves.

In this article, we have introduced a lot of recommended toys that cats can enjoy playing at home.

If you want to see the happy face of your cat, read on.

10 recommended toys to play with at home!

Recently, the number of indoor cats is increasing, and there are various goods that can be enjoyed at home.

Here are 10 of our favorite toys.

①Toys that can relieve lack of exercise

Toys are very important for relieving lack of exercise.

Just spending time at home can lead to lack of stimulation and build up stress...

It is also important for the owner to play with the cat to relieve the lack of exercise.

Let's move the cat with sharpness and use the pointer to play with it.

There is also a toy that can be used to fish, so the owner can enjoy it in a fishing mood ♪.

Especially young cats tend to be more active at night if they sleep all day.

Give your cat a toy that they can actively play with so that they can sleep soundly.

② Standard toys such as mice and balls

Classic toys such as mice and balls are sure to be loved by any cat.

In particular, mouse toys are a favorite of all generations, from kittens to senior cats, perhaps because of instinct.

The reason may be that it makes a squeaky sound or is just the right size to hold.

But watch out for mouse toys!

They often eat by mistake, so be sure to give them only when you can see them.

③ Toys that make a rustling sound

Cats love the sound of paper bags clacking.

I love to touch it, step on it, and step inside it.

Because you can play without getting bored and have a lot of exercise, it is also recommended for dieting.

④ Tunnel type toys

Cats love dark and closed spaces like tunnels.

For this reason, they like to play by entering a cylindrical toy, hiding, and running away.

When I wondered, "Where are you?", I took a nap in the tunnel... zzz.

A great toy for cats who love to play hide-and-seek.

⑤Toys to play with while you are away

Cat towers and catwalks are useful when the owner is away.

Recently, there are many hybrid cat towers with hammocks, ladders, and naps in high places.

For cats that originally lived in trees, looking over the entire room from a high position leads to peace of mind.

In addition, climbing up and down can be a moderate exercise, and it is possible to keep your legs strong.

Many of them have excellent design, so you should choose the one that matches your room.

⑥ Toys for seniors to play with

After around the age of 10, they often become lethargic, such as moving around less and sleeping all day.

In addition, not only lack of exercise, but also diseases such as dementia may occur.

When they become seniors, it may be difficult for them to jump on tall toys, but they tend to like games that stimulate their brains, such as trying to grasp them with their hands, showing interest in moving objects, and so on.

Let's choose according to the age, such as what you can play in the pet bed or what you can play with nail sharpening.

⑦ Toys that use the head

Cats love to play with their heads.

Educational toys that cannot be moved or taken out without using your head are sure to make you crazy and wonder, "How can I get them?"

⑧Toys that move automatically

Automatic toys can satisfy cats even when they can't take care of them, such as housework and childcare.

There are many moments when a toy that accompanies a cat to play with automatically rolls or lights up.

⑨Scratch-type toys

Cats are animals that instinctively sharpen their claws.

Therefore, I sharpen it everywhere and use my nails to climb it.

With a nail sharpener type pet bed, you can sleep soundly while sharpening your nails.

Adult cats tend to prefer vertical sharpeners, and kittens prefer S-shaped sharpeners, so choose a sharpener that suits your age and personality.

⑩ Handmade toys

Depending on the owner, there are many people who make their own toys.

You can make it according to your cat's taste, so your cat will definitely love it.

However, make sure that the parts are firmly fixed so that they cannot be removed.

It's good to have lots of toys!

As you all know, cats are animals that get bored easily.

A toy that was fun to play with until yesterday shows no interest today.

That's why it's important to rotate some toys and let them choose according to their mood that day.

Even if you get tired of it once, you will often enjoy playing it after a while.

Toys that are fashionable and match the room are also important

While buying a lot of toys for your beloved cat, it often happens that the room is cluttered with no sense of unity.

If you want to enjoy life with your beloved cat, you want something that satisfies the owner.

For that reason, it is very important to choose toys that match the atmosphere of the room.

Recently, there are various types of toys such as cute toys, fashionable toys, etc., so let's choose while expanding the image of the room!

toys to watch out for

When giving a cat a toy as a gift, you must be careful not to eat it by mistake.

In particular, rat toys, feathers, and string-like objects are particularly troublesome, and often become lodged in the intestines and require surgery.

"My child won't eat it, so it's okay!"

There are some owners who say that, but one day they may suddenly start eating, so be careful.

When playing, it is important to play together, and when you are done, put it out of reach of your cat.

Also, get rid of fragile toys and buy new ones.

The timing of playing with toys is also important.

It is NG to play when you say "I'm full!" or "I'm sleepy...".

You may vomit or get tired.

Be especially careful when kittens are playing.

The best time to play is when you are hungry.

The instinctive desire to "hunt and eat!"

[Summary] I want to see the happy face of the cat! Tell me about cool toys you can play with at home.

Choosing a toy while imagining the happy face of your beloved cat makes you feel very happy.

There are many types of toys that you can play with at home, so make sure you buy one that suits your purpose and your cat's tastes!

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