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What is the proper amount of cat treats? What time should it be given?

If you have a cat, you will always want to give it treats.

Cats are also happy to eat snacks, so you will want to give them more and more.

Can I give my cat treats in the first place? What is the appropriate amount and timing?

This time, I would like to introduce some points that you might not know about when giving treats to your cat.

Can I give my cat treats?

Cat food is divided into what is called comprehensive food and what is not.

Comprehensive nutrition food is food that provides necessary nutrients and energy just by giving it with fresh water.

Basically, a cat can live a healthy life with only a comprehensive nutritional diet and water.

Is it okay to give treats to cats in such a situation?

In conclusion, there is absolutely nothing wrong with giving treats.

Observing the rules properly, such as reducing the total nutritional food for snacks and keeping the appropriate amount, will lead to stress relief and increased communication for the cat.

Limit snacks to 10-20% of total calories for the day

The appropriate amount of snacks for cats is said to be 10 to 20% of the total calories for the day.

Here's how to calculate your total calories for the day:

Weight x 30kcal + 70kcal

For example, a cat that weighs 3 kg will have 160 calories per day.

In other words, snacks should be 10 to 20% of 160kcal, or 16kcal to 32kcal.

Also, cat treats often list the appropriate amount, so let's refer to that as well.

Feeding frequency is 1-3 times a day

There are no strict rules about how often to give treats, but it is preferable to divide the appropriate amount calculated above into 1 to 3 times.

As long as you follow the proper amount, you can give it all at once.

Depending on the cat, some children may eat small amounts over several times, so let's give it according to the cat.

When is the ideal time to give a snack?

Timing may be more important than how often you give treats.

There are four ways to give treats to your cat.

① Reward for discipline

You can reduce your cat's stress by giving treats at the timing of training, such as nail clipping, toothbrushing, and medicine.

Soothing your dog with treats may make it easier for him to listen to you.

It is also ideal to give after visiting the animal hospital, as it can relieve the stress of the cat.

② After meals and between meals rather than before meals

It's not good to give snacks before meals.

Snacks are devised to encourage cats to bite, such as making them more seasoned.

Therefore, if you give it before meals, there is a danger that you will not be interested in the important meal.

When giving snacks, it is recommended to give them after meals or between meals as much as possible.

(3) As part of communication

When you want to communicate with your cat, it's also effective to give them treats in an appropriate amount.

Cats can spend their time with peace of mind if the relationship between cats and people is good rather than just raising them.

Humans also want to get along with cats.

④ When you lose your appetite

Cats are animals that tend to lose their appetite due to aging, poor health, and stress.

Sprinkling treats on a regular nutritious diet may stimulate your cat's appetite even when she's not hungry.

However, if the loss of appetite persists, please see a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Precautions when giving snacks

In addition to the amount and timing, there are some things to keep in mind when giving treats.

① Decide on the criteria for giving snacks

In order to protect the appropriate amount of snacks every day, it is recommended to decide the criteria for giving snacks.

Focusing specifically on how cats feel stressed,

"Before and after nail clipping" "On the day of the animal hospital" "After giving medicine"

Let's decide the conditions for giving snacks.

You can prevent situations such as giving too many snacks and not eating comprehensive nutrition food.

Clipping nails and taking medicine will also be much easier.

(2) Consult with a veterinarian if you are feeding a therapeutic diet.

A therapeutic diet is food that has been calculated for nutritional balance, etc., in order to support the treatment of illness.

Treating treats can be tricky if you are feeding them to help treat an illness.

Snacks can disrupt the nutritional balance and interfere with treatment, so be sure to consult your veterinarian about treats when you are on a therapeutic diet.

[Summary] What is the appropriate amount of snacks for cats? What time should it be given?

So far, we have introduced the appropriate amount and frequency of treats to give to cats, the timing of giving them, and precautions.

If you give too much, it can lead to obesity and unhealthy health, but if you keep the right amount, you can relieve the cat's stress and increase communication between cats and people.

You want to keep your points and maintain a good relationship with your cat.

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