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Why Cats Like Small Spaces

"Ping-Pong!" When the delivery arrives and you open it... the cardboard box that the product was in is full of surprise!

In addition, it fits comfortably in all kinds of narrow spaces such as bags and bags.

As you all know, cats love small spaces such as boxes and corners.

Even if you think, "I'm giving you a pet bed and a large space...", why are you always in a small space... There are several reasons for that.

We will explain the reason below and also tell you how to create a room where cats can spend comfortably.

5 Reasons Cats Like Small Spaces

Cats love tight spaces! If you have a cat, I think it's common sense, but it's actually been revealed in research.

An experiment at an animal shelter in the Netherlands found that providing a small space (hiding place) significantly reduced stress in cats.

By having a hideout, you were able to reduce stress and adapt to changes in the environment.

So, below, I will explain why cats like narrow spaces!

① To protect yourself from foreign enemies

Cats are animals that originally lived in tree cavities (cave-like spaces in trees) and rock holes.

Such places are high and narrow spaces, so you can hide from invaders.

It was also an important place to slowly eat the prey in hand without being robbed.

It seems that modern cats love small spaces like cardboard boxes because of that.

(2) Cats sleep and become a safe space

Cats are animals that spend about half of their day sleeping.

Most of the waking hours are spent in grooming, and there are many unprotected hours.

Therefore, a narrow and dim space is a safe space where you can sleep and relax with peace of mind.

You can spend your time without being disturbed by anyone, so you can secure a comfortable time.

③Hunting instinct is aroused

The Libyan wildcat, which is said to be the ancestor of cats, was an animal that lived in a vast desert.

Therefore, it was necessary to hide in a narrow shadow and wait for prey, then take aim and pounce.

As you all know, cats are animals that ambush and take prey. The behavior of jumping out of the shadows and playing with a bare foot comes from the hunting instinct.

④Territory space

Cats claim their territory by wearing their own scent, saying, "That's my place!"

That's why they fly at full speed on top of the laundry you've taken in or on the clothes you've just taken off, and you'll slurp or sleep.

However, in the world of cats, first come, first served! There is no hierarchical relationship, and the point is that the person who enters the space early can occupy the place there.

⑤ Simply comfortable

A dim shade provides a shaded space when the temperature is hot, and curls up to fit comfortably when it is cold.

There is also a characteristic that you can feel relieved when your body is in close contact with something, so you are in a box simply because it is comfortable.

Reliable goods that make use of narrow spaces

In this way, a small space becomes a safe space for the cat.

A cardboard box or a wooden box is fine, but we recommend the "Nekochigura" which has good ventilation, longevity and design.

Nekochigura is a bed for cats made of woven rice straw, but recently there are also things called Nekochigura made of cardboard... It will be a comfortable place.

It is important for cats to be able to satisfy their need for scratching

Cats are animals that sharpen their claws as a habit. In the wild world, sharp claws were essential for survival, as a weapon for hunting prey, climbing trees, or as a weapon or territory marker in a fight.

Unlike human nails, cat nails have an onion-like structure, with multiple layers of nails.

By peeling off the nails one by one, clean new nails are exposed and they are prevented from growing too much.

Modern cats don't have to keep their claws sharp to survive, but scratching also remains a relic of the wild.

The space where you can satisfy this instinctive behavior at the same time is sure to become a favorite for your cat.

Sometimes I feel sick and I'm in a small space...

A small, dark space is a safe space for your cat, but it's also a place to hide when you're not feeling well.

When you are always in the dark...in a cold place...you may be sick or injured.

Forcibly pulling it out may cause stress, but if it continues, you may need an examination.

Also, there are many accidents where people suffocate when they stick their face in a plastic bag or candy bag and cannot get it out.

Be sure to check the cat's condition and how is its appetite? Are you sure you have a good bowel movement? Be sure to observe carefully as well.

[Summary] Why cats like small spaces

Cats are animals that love small spaces.

There are things that are instinctive, such as hiding and hunting behavior, but I guess they feel relieved when their bodies come into contact with something.

However, they may hide in small spaces due to poor physical condition, so be sure to check their bites and bowel movements.

Please create a safe and favorite space in your home!

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