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Advantages and disadvantages of cats wearing clothes, how to choose and precautions

"I want to dress my cute cat!" There are many owners like that. But what about cats actually wearing clothes? In this article, we will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of cats wearing clothes, how to choose clothes, and precautions. If you are an owner who wants to dress your cat but is worried about it, please read it.

Advantages and disadvantages of cats wearing clothes

When a cute cat wears clothes, it becomes even more adorable! There are a variety of clothes on sale in the market, so you might end up wanting to dress them up in different ways. However, although there are merits for cats to wear clothes, there are also demerits.


The merits of cats wearing clothes are that they can take care of their skin and that they can protect them from the cold. especially,
  • dry skin child
  • child with thin hair
  • child with allergies
  • Child under treatment for skin disease
  • Child after surgery or with scars
  • child applying medicine
  • senior cat

For example, you can protect your skin by wearing clothes. Cat skin is only about 1/3 the thickness of human skin, so skin problems can easily occur. Even if you say, "Don't bite me!" Also, some cats pluck their hair due to stress behavior. In such cases, wearing clothes along with treatment can be very helpful. There is also a method of wearing an Elizabethan collar (wrapped around the neck), but in reality, many children feel stressed because their movements are restricted and they bump into each other. Recently, clothes dedicated to protecting the wound after surgery and the skin during treatment such as "postoperative clothes" and "skin protection clothes" are also on sale. Once you get used to it, there are many children who can live without feeling more inconvenient than Elizabeth collars. Also, in the case of a senior cat or a child under treatment for some illness, it may not be possible to regulate body temperature well. In such a case, you can prepare the environment with heaters and blankets, and at the same time, you can get heat retention and moisturizing effects by wearing clothes.

There are other cat houses that wrap up fluffy cats

We also recommend that you use


Cats are animals that do not wear clothes by nature, so wearing them may cause stress. When I put on clothes, I put my hands and feet in a strange direction, so some children don't like it and bite me. Some children tear their clothes to pieces. Cats spend a lot of time grooming, so it's stressful to wear clothes and not be able to groom them. Grooming not only trims the coat and removes excess hair, but also regulates body temperature, promotes blood circulation, and has relaxing effects. It's called "displacement behavior", and when it's anxious or stressed, it may groom itself to calm itself down. In fact, most of the children continue to groom their hair without stopping when they take off their clothes, so it seems that clothes can be stressful. Therefore, it may be a little pitiful for cats to wear it as fashion. If you want to wear it for an event or outing, try to keep it as short as possible.

How to choose cat clothes and points to note

When choosing clothes for your cat, make sure it fits well. If the clothes are not the right size, not only will they come off, but there is also the possibility of getting caught on furniture or cat towers and causing an accident. When purchasing
  • love cat neck
  • Chest circumference (part of the torso; goes around the back of the base of the front leg)
  • Length (from the position of the neck to the front of the tail)
, and choose the one that fits your body. If you can't measure well because you move around, it's a good idea to choose by weight. One thing to keep in mind when choosing clothes is to choose clothes without unnecessary decorations. Decorations such as buttons and ribbons are annoying to cats, and they often eat them by mistake. Try to choose a simple structure with as few decorations as possible. And the most important thing when dressing a cat is to "stop if you don't like it". Forcing them to wear it can lead to injuries, accidents, and panic. Especially after surgery, it's not good for wound healing, so if you don't like it, change to an Elizabethan collar. Also, wearing it all the time can cause you to miss your physical condition. "Is the wound healed well?" "Is your cat losing weight?" "Is there any skin trouble?"

Let's get used to it little by little!

Even in scenes where you have to wear clothes, don't let them wear them for a long time from the beginning, but let them get used to them for a short time while watching how they are. Also, depending on the type of clothes, there are things that can be worn and things that are difficult to wear, so you can try various shapes and materials. If you are thinking of using it as a post-surgery garment, practice getting used to it before surgery. By distracting them with treats and toys, they often become accustomed to it before they know it.

[Summary] Advantages and disadvantages of cats wearing clothes, how to choose and precautions

The merits of cats wearing clothes are that they protect their skin and protect them from the cold. Trying on clothes is one of the ways to manage skin diseases and wounds after surgery. However, if you don't like it, don't force yourself to wear it, as it may stop moving or tear into pieces. Take a good look at your cat and decide whether or not to dress it up!
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