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Cat's squishy paws that fascinate people actually play an important role! ?

Cat's squishy paws that fascinate people actually play an important role! ?

The role of cat paws

Cat paws are popular for their cuteness, but they actually play a big role. A cat's paws are cushion-like areas in the palm of the hand that, along with the small claws at the base of the fingers, play an important role for the cat.

The paws are the part that touches the ground when the cat walks, and because they are cushioned, they have the effect of softening the impact when the cat walks. Cats also have sweat glands in their paws, and cats regulate their body temperature by sweating out from their paws.

In addition, paws have tactile sensations, and cats can use them to sense the texture and condition of objects. This sense of touch is very important for cats when hunting, and it helps prey to escape or hide.

In addition, the paws also gather nerve endings for sending information to the brain, so that the brain can accurately recognize the feeling when the cat touches an object. In this way, the cat's paws play a role in conveying very important information to the cat through its sense of touch.

Why meatballs fascinate people

Cat paws are one of the elements that fascinate people with their texture and appearance. The paws are fluffy and feel like they slide between your fingers. In addition, there are various colors of paws, and many people seem to think that the colors are adorable, such as black paws and pink paws.

In addition, when a cat stretches, its paws stretch and become larger, so you may find that gesture to be cute. Also, some people say that the appearance of a cat sleeping with its paws out gives a sense of security and healing.

Episodes related to meatballs

There are many adorable stories about cat paws. For example, when a cat is sleeping and you touch its paws, it may make a pleasant expression. It is believed that this is because when a cat is relaxed, it makes them feel happy when their paws are touched.

Cat paws also appear in traditional Japanese culture. Pottery and paintings with cat paw motifs are made, and sweets in the shape of cat paws are sometimes sold.

Importance of paw care

A cat's paws are very sensitive, so managing the health of the paws is very important for maintaining the health of your cat. For example, if the paws are dry or cracked, your cat may feel pain when walking. Therefore, regular paw care is required.

To care for the paws, you can use a cotton swab to gently wipe them or apply a paw cream to increase the moisturizing effect. Also, when you go out for a walk, etc., be careful not to let any dust or dirt on the ground stick to your paws, and wash them thoroughly with water after returning home.

Also, be careful when clipping your cat's claws, as they may also clip the claws underneath the paw pads. Claws also play an important role in a cat's balance, so it's a good idea to have a professional, such as a veterinarian or groomer, to prevent accidental clipping.


Cat paws are one of the elements that attract people from the feel and appearance, and they also play an important role for cats. The paws not only provide cushioning properties during walking and regulate body temperature, but also play a role in sensing objects through the sense of touch. Cats also have sweat glands on their paws, and cats regulate their body temperature with the sweat that evaporates from their paws.

Adorable paws turned out to be an attractive part for cats and humans alike. However, since the health management of the paws is greatly related to maintaining the health of the cat, regular care is necessary. To deepen your bond with your cat, take careful care of its paw pads.

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