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Catwalk Necessity

In order for cats to live comfortably at home, they need a space where they can climb up and down freely.

Among them, the movement using the catwalk is something you want to incorporate because it allows you to act like a cat.

In this article, we explain the necessity of the catwalk and how to incorporate it into your life.

Owners who want to run around the room and live a stress-free life, please read this!

Catwalk Necessity

The ancestors of cats lived in tree cavities (cave-like spaces in trees) and rock holes.

Modern cats inherit that trait and love to spend time in high places.

Also, if you look down on the entire room (the cat's territory) from a high place, does anything change? You can also check the

For a completely indoor cat, moving and living like an outdoor cat is not only fun and stimulating, but also important for relieving stress and preventing obesity.

The catwalk is a magical tool that can be easily incorporated and will make these things come true.

How to incorporate the catwalk

The catwalk is easy to DIY, so even beginners can install it with confidence.

In addition, by using it in conjunction with furniture at home, the cat's range of motion will be greatly increased.

There are many things that can be installed without damaging the wall, so even those who live in a rental house can use it.

The important thing when setting up a catwalk is to consider the flow line of cats.

It's obvious, but it's meaningless if the catwalk is in a position that cats don't use.

Similarly, it is NG even if it is at a height where you can not jump on it.

And, surprisingly, it is easy to forget that it can withstand the weight firmly.

If the cat jumps on and off as much as possible, it will take more weight than its body weight.

It is important to fix it firmly so that it does not shift or come off.

Consideration when going down

Cats are good at climbing high places, but they are not very good at going down... I think many owners have seen their cats stuck in high places. Therefore, it is important to consider when going down and install it.
  • Do not leave too much space between the boards
  • Avoid too much height
  • connect the boards
Let's devise and respond.

Even better when used with a cat tower!

Recently, some owners use cat towers and catwalks together.

If you install the cat tower as a foothold to the catwalk, even small cats and senior cats can easily reach high places.

It is recommended to use both in order to expand the world of cat activity.

Such a catwalk is NG

Let's install the catwalk! Even if you think so, the following catwalks are not recommended.

  1. too narrow
  2. shake wobbly
  3. transparent

I will explain them separately.

① Width is too narrow

Catwalks that are too narrow are not recommended as they are not only difficult to walk on, but also pose a risk of falling.

The depth should be at least 200mm or more.

If it is already installed and you feel that it is narrow, let's use a non-slip.

If you have multiple dogs or use it as a bed, you need 400mm or more.

② Shake wobbly

Cats are afraid of things that wobble like suspension bridges.

There are many people who incorporate it as a DIY, but I think that there are many people who are fearfully crossing.

It takes practice to get used to it, and consider removing it if it's difficult.

③ Transparent

Cats have good dynamic vision, but they have a tendency to not be able to see objects that do not move very well.

If it's transparent, it's noticeable, and in fact, you can't really see the water you've drawn, right? It is also said that (flowing water looks good!).

At first glance, a transparent catwalk looks stylish and fits well in your living space, but when you think about cats, there are times when it doesn't feel right.

Also, you can walk on transparent objects! There is also a danger of recognizing it and jumping on even where there is nothing.

If you have already installed it, it is a good idea to stick something opaque on it.

sometimes not necessary

However, a catwalk is absolutely necessary! It does not mean that.
  • enough living space
  • there are stairs in the house
  • It is an environment where you can move up and down in a dresser, etc.

may not be necessary in some cases.

In addition, cats with weak joints such as Scottish Fold and Munchkin, and breeds such as Persians that have been bred to require less exercise, may find it difficult to exercise on the catwalk.

Even for kittens and senior cats, there is a risk of falling, so use it as needed.

Also, if the cat is in poor physical condition, it is assumed that you will not be able to get off.

Avoid placing it too high.

If the place is too high, it will be difficult to check the condition of the catwalk, and cleaning will be a hassle.

[Summary] Necessity of catwalk

Cats are animals that instinctively like high places.

Indoor cats tend to have less vertical movement.

In addition to lack of exercise, it often leads to stress and obesity.

Why not bring the catwalk into your life and let your cat live the life it was meant to be.


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