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なぜ香箱座り?猫の姿勢から読み取る愛猫の気持ち  猫の座り方にも意味がある!座り方から読み取る猫の気持ち - MOFUCAT

Why Kobako sitting? The way a cat sits also has meaning! Cat's feelings read from the way they sit

There are many different ways cats can sit. There are many people who have heard names such as Kobako sitting, Sphinx sitting, Egyptian sitting, etc., but do not really know what kind of sitting. Also, depending on how your cat sits, you may be able to tell if he or she is feeling safe or wary. In this article, we will try to decipher that feeling from the way cats sit!

Different ways cats sit

If you look closely at your cat, you'll see that they are sitting in a variety of ways. Let's take a look at what each sitting means.

Kobako sitting

Kobako sitting is a way of sitting in which the front legs are folded and stored in the stomach. It is called so because it looks like a "kobako" for storing incense. This is a posture that can be seen when you are at ease because you cannot move quickly because your front legs are tucked away.

sitting sideways

Side sitting is considered to be a common way of sitting. It can be seen when you are relaxing by sitting with your hind legs sideways. Sometimes the front legs are upright and sometimes they are folded. You can also see it when you are tired, such as after playing or running.

sphinx sitting

Like the Sphinx of Egypt, the front legs are side by side facing forward and the back legs are tucked under the body. This posture is also seen when relaxed and is often seen in kittens and large cats that cannot sit in the barrel.

egyptian sitting

This is the way you sit with your front legs aligned and your upper body straight. It is a posture close to the "sitting" of a dog. The name comes from a goddess in Egyptian mythology. This sitting position is common in stray cats, and is often seen when they are alert.

sitting with tail

As the name suggests, it is a posture of sitting with the tail wrapped around the body. They are often seen when they are on guard, but they are also often seen in children who like to keep their tails close to their bodies. This is the way to sit even when it's cold in winter or when you're a clean lover who doesn't like getting your tail dirty.

sitting down

It is so called because of the posture that Scottish Folds often do. It is characterized by sitting down like an uncle with wide legs. It can also be seen when you are relaxing or grooming your stomach, but you should also be careful as you may be sitting on your back because your joints are sore.

If you are sitting in a strange way, you may feel pain...

If you are sitting in a different way than usual, you are protecting your legs and lower back, which may cause pain and discomfort. For example, osteochondrodysplasia, a disease that causes abnormalities in articular cartilage, is a disease that causes pain in the extremities and tail. Many Scottish Folds are genetically predisposed to this disease. It is said that "squat sitting" is a posture to avoid pain by not putting weight on the joints. In addition, many elderly children have a disease called "osteoarthritis" in which cartilage hardens, causing chronic pain. If you are no longer able to climb high places or spend more time sleeping, your body may be in pain. If you have not been able to sleep well and have been wandering around or changing your sitting position many times, you may have pain in your abdominal organs. In addition, they often sleep in places they don't usually go, lose their appetite and energy, and have diarrhea and vomiting. If you feel that the way your dog is sitting is strange, or that the way he is sitting is different than usual, please visit a veterinarian and have an X-ray. Painkillers and other treatments will be given according to the abnormality.

I sometimes end up sitting on the toilet

Cats are prone to urinary problems. If you have a urethral obstruction, which is a disease that prevents you from urinating, you may sit on the toilet and not come out. In addition,
  • cry out loud
  • go to the bathroom many times
  • I'm holding out, but I can't get out
  • licking the pubic area
  • limp
Other symptoms may occur. A lack of urine can be life-threatening, so make sure to see a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Check the facial expression and the state of the tail according to the way you sit.

Cats show their emotions and states through their facial expressions and the state of their tails, along with how they sit. For example, "squid ears" with their ears falling backwards can be seen when they are frightened or wary. At this time, the tail becomes thick and thick like a raccoon dog, and the hair on the whole body often stands on end. On the other hand, when you crinkle your face and cry "meow♪", it's a sign that you're spoiled. It rubs its tail and walks clinging to its owner like a stalker. Also, when they are unwell, their facial expressions are dull, their movements are sluggish, and their tails are languid and weak. Sometimes I sit in the same position for long periods of time and hold back so that I don't realize that I'm not feeling well.

[Summary] Various ways of sitting for cats - There is a possibility of illness! ?

There are many different ways cats can sit. You can tell how they are feeling depending on how they sit. If you feel that your cat is sitting in a strange way, one way to find out is to take a photo or video of it and ask your veterinarian to take a look at it. Let's check what kind of posture your beloved cat usually sits in!
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